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Rabbi Nati Helfgot on Revelation Revealed

Rabbi Nati Helfgot teaches at our daughter’s high school, SAR High School. He is currently teaching a series of Adult Ed classes titled “Revelation Revealed: Traditional Conceptions of the Development of Torah Shebaal Peh.” SAR HS has done a great service to us all and has taped this class of Rabbi Helfgot and posted it […]

Because They Didn’t Change Their Language: Hebrew and Egyptian

There are a number of midrashim that list the ways through which the Israelites were able to preserve their uniqueness and prevent assimilation during their sojourn in Egyptian, eventually bringing about their redemption from there. Among those things listed were that they didn’t change their dress, their language, their names, reveal their secrets, repeat gossip, […]

The Saga of the Bible Project 929

Recently a Bible study project was launched in Israel that was suppose to provide a platform for Israelis from all different backgrounds to study the Bible together. 929, named after the number of chapters in the Tanakh, seemed to be doing exactly what it was doing until a number of things happened. The first cracks […]

New Website for Torah Study

Roni Tabick alerted me to a website that is trying to make the study of the Torah very accessible to people. AlHaTorah promotes the following goals: is a one-stop Tanakh study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Torah come alive in the home, classroom, and synagogue. Enter the site to explore […]

Rockefeller Museum Collection Online

The Israel Antiquities Authority, as part of its attempt to upload digital images of objects held under its auspices, has began to post digital images of the archaeology collection found at the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum. The collection can be found online here. HT to Dr. Lea Mazor.

The History of Nachmanides’s Commentary on the Torah

The Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon has a very interesting book review (Hebrew) of what looks like a fascinating book. Yosef Ofer and Yehonatan Jacobs have published a book that examines the history of Ramban’s commentary on the Torah. Previous scholars had noticed additions to his commentary that Nachmanides added later, specifically those which were […]

Joshua Berman on Jewish Law

In the latest issue of Mosaic, the Bible scholar (and former neighbor) Joshua Berman has an interesting essay on the nature and function of Jewish Law. Below is a small excerpt. Not until Maimonides did anyone truly codify the halakhah. Not only did his Mishneh Torah, completed in 1180, have no precedent in the annals […]

The Tannaitic Bible

In Musaf Shabbat Raphael Zar summarizes (Hebrew) the research into the differences between the Masoretic text of the Bible and what seems to have been the text used by the Tannaim, including examples from the Talmud. Earlier treatments of these contradictions can be found in Shmuel Rosenfeld’s Mishpahat Sofrim and Avigdor Aptowitzer’s Das Schriftwort in […]

Hidon ha-Tanakh 2013

This year’s Ḥidon ha-Tanakh (International Bible Contest) ended in a dramatic showdown and in the end two contestants were left standing. If you don’t want to see the entire program, skip to 2h 14m in order to see the dramatic ending.

Saadia Gaon and the Quran

The blog of the Revel Graduate School at YU has a very interesting summary of a talk given by Prof. Meir Bar Asher on the relationship between Saadia Gaon, his commentary on the Torah, the Quran, and Quranic interpretation. It makes for a great read on how knowledge of other religious and exegetical traditions can […]

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