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New Blog: Where Do We Go From Here

There is a new blog that will be addressing issues related to Judaism in general and Jewish Law specifically. The blog, לאן הולכים מכאן, is in Hebrew and here a short description by בעל הבלוג. (HT) בשמחה, בתקווה ובחשש אני חונך את הבלוג ×”×–×”, שיעסוק בהלכה וגם ביהדות בכלל, באתגרים העומדים בפניהם בעולם המודרני, בכיוונים […]

New Blog About the Cairo Geniza

A new blog about historical documents from the Cairo Geniza has been launched. Geniza Blues hopes to “share some of my adventures in geniza territories with the world.”

A Different Type of Religious Discourse

Yoav Sorek has started a new blog (Hebrew), לאמיתה של תורה. It seems as if the blog will offer a different perspective and discourse on issues related to Israel and Judaism. The first post is about the fast of the tenth of Tevet.

Blog for Text and Tech Geeks

The new blog Sacred Texts promises to offer lots of goodies for the text/tech geek crowd. With “Sacred Techs” we wanted to bring together information focused upon using technology in the real of biblical and ancient studies. It will be periodically updated, on a monthly basis at the least, with articles and interviews on various […]

Jews on the Moon

There’s a new blog in Hebrew about Jewish-related subjects, יהודים על הירח (“Jews on the Moon”). If the first few posts are any indication of what is to come, it’s a welcome addition to the blogosphere. (hat tip)

New blog: Notrikon

Notrikon is a relatively new blog in Hebrew about Hebrew books, publishing, and related subjects. Welcome to the blogosphere.

The Talmud Blog Reborn

Shai Secunda has brought The Talmud Blog online. This is a new and improved version of his previous blog. The Talmudic blogosphere will never be the same.

New Blog-Ancient Traditions, New Conversations

The Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization at Cardozo Law School has started a new blog, Ancient Traditions, New Conversations. I highly recommend the blog for those interested in the academic study of Jewish law. See e.g. this recent post by Alyssa Gray, Law and Rhetoric in Tosafot.

Some Trends in the Israeli Music Scene

For those who read Hebrew, there is a very good blog about religion, politics, and culture- לולאת האל. The blog has a recent post on Israeli music, specifically about music that could be described as Jewish music, whether because of the themes or lyrics. The post summarizes a number of recent articles that have been […]

The Talmud blog

I am happy to inform you of a welcome addition to the blogosphere, The Talmud Blog. The goal is to build a kind of command center that keeps up with new trends in the field, reviews recent research, covers conferences, meetings, and symposia, looks at nifty new tools, and occasionally, considers the broader implications of […]

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