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Kol ha-Rav

From the people who bring you Hirhurim-Musings and On the Contrary, Kol ha-Rav. This blog is the creation of Rabbis Gil Student of Hirhurim-Musings and Elli Fischer of On the Contrary. Its goal is to disseminate statements, in the original or in translation, of leading rabbinic figures of the past and present whose words address […]

Back from Cape Cod 2009

The other day our family returned from a great vacation on Cape Cod, a very fitting way to end the summer. I am still getting organized with the start of the new school so blogging might be a bit erratic. We rented a house on a lake with friends so I got to do plenty […]

Catching Up

We just got back from a wonderful family-trip to Israel and I am slowly catching up on things. First of all, our prayers go out to all soldiers and civilians in Israel who are in harm’s way. For some insightful commentary on what is happening see Yaacov Lozowick’s blog. As my life gets back to […]

Cows, Board Games, and Torture

A few interesting things around the blogosphere and the web. 1. Are Cows Worse than Cars? Why what you eat is as environmentally important as what you drive. I just saw that today’s NY Times has an article on the same topic. 2. Five Centuries of Board Games 3. US Interrogator in Iraq Says Torture […]

Around the Blogosphere-Erev Yom haBehirot 2008

Here are some recent posts from a number of blogs on different topics. 1. Rav Tzair on morality and halakhah (in Hebrew) 2. Ancient Hebrew Poetry on Pslam 151a. 3. Jeffrey Goldberg on Jews, Israel, and American politics. 4. Sarah Palin and “Spiritual Warfare.” This is more interesting to me for shedding light on another […]

New Blog from Israel and Storytelling

There is a new blog from Israel, South Jerusalem, which describes itself as “A Progressive, Skeptical Blog on Israel, Judaism, Culture, Politics, and Literature.” Among the interesting posts that have so far appeared, I want to specifically mention two. One is on Jacob Katz, and the other on Judaism, storytelling and history. Here is a […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XXVI

The new Biblical Studies Carnival is posted at Biblicalia. Read it and find out the latest on the Jesus Tomb (NOT) and the palace of King David (maybe). (hat tip)

Around the Blogosphere-12/16/07

Most of the time I try to post only on topics related to Judaism, Rabbinics, etc., with posts on other topics few and far between. Trying not to stray too much, yet wanting to expand a little bit, from time to time I will now post links to blog posts on other topics that I […]

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