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Exhibition of Rare Hebrew MSS and Books at Chabad Library

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos. The Chabad-Lubavitch Library in Brooklyn has opened an exhibition of rare Hebrew manuscripts and books, Ginzei Seforim. Among the gems that are on display are the following pages from Rashi on the Torah and an edition of the Talmud that were printed in Spain before the expulsion. Information about […]

Hayyim Nachman Bialik’s Gemara

Musings of a Jewish Bookseller has acquired what may be a Gemara volume that was used by Hayyim Nachman Bialik. Read about it here.

Fixing Old Bibles

The New York Times has a nice article about a book doctor. There are some interesting comments about the differences between “family Bibles” and “study Bibles.” The Bibles that Ms. McKay repairs can be the well-loved regular Bibles of regular churchgoers, marked up on a near-daily basis. Or they can be more than a century […]

Video: The People in the Books

Below is a video featuring a current exhibit at the Columbia University Library, The People in the Books: Judaica Manuscripts at Columbia University Libraries. The exhibit runs through January 25, 2013.

Digitization at the NLI in Action

Here is a short video from the National Library of Israel about their digitization of material.

The History of Shavuah ha-Sefer

The National Library of Israel has a new blog (Hebrew) and one of the first posts is about the history of Shavuah ha-Sefer ha-Ivri. The roots of Shavuah ha-Sefer go back to the summer of 1926 when a book sale took place on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. On April 1, 1946 the newspaper Davar […]

Shavuah ha-Sefer ha-Ivri 2012

For those who are able to take advantage of Hebrew Book Week, שבוע הספר העברי, don’t miss this opportunity to fill up the empty space on your shelves. One related development is the battle by some well-known authors against the deep discounts that are often found during this time period. Ten leading Israeli authors announced […]

Gershon Scholem’s Library and the Cairo Geniza

The Times of Israel has an article about Gershom Scholem’s library and its importance. Although Gershom Scholem is most well-known as a Jewish cultural figure and the definitive scholar of Jewish mysticism and Kabbala, he was also the first head librarian of the nascent National Library’s Judaica collection, from shortly after his aliya in 1923 […]

The Library of Rabbi Hayyim David Halevy

The Rambam Library, Sifriyat ha-Rambam, is an important Judaica library that is located at Beit Ariella in Tel Aviv. The director of the library has a very nice blog, Im ha-Sefer, (Hebrew) that has posts about some of the many gems that are found in the library’s collection. He recently posted about some books that […]

Bibliography of the Hebrew Book is Online

The National Library of Israel has made the Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 available online. Fantastic news.

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