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Getting to Know Daniel Boyarin

The Jweekly has a nice profile of the important scholar of Talmud Daniel Boyarin. Even those who know a bit about Boyarin will enjoy the article. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Boyarin went to the same high school as Bruce Springsteen and knew him. He was a few years ahead of Springsteen […]

My City of Ruins

May their memory be for a blessing.

The Israel Lobby and Bruce Springsteen

The Times of Israel has a fun article about an Israeli boy who was brought on stage to sing with Bruce Springsteen at a recent concert. The boy was pretty clueless about the words, but him and Bruce seemed to have had a great time. My son and I were once at a concert in […]

Jake Clemons’s Midrash on Bruce Springsteen

I just started read the extensive article in the New Yorker on Bruce Springsteen, and the following caught my eye. At each show, the most striking musical difference between the old E Street Band and the new was the increasing prominence given to Jake Clemons. His playing grew stronger, his willingness to take center stage […]

Pre-Shabbat Song-We Take Care of Our Own

Bruce Springsteen’s latest.

Friday Afternoon Songs

I’ll be on the road tomorrow afternoon, so enjoy the following Bruce video. Some of my Bruce Buddies were lucky enough to be there. It is only viewable until Jan. 1. If you are having trouble seeing it, here are some sites that should have it. At about 28:05 Hanukkah gets a mention. The best […]

Friday Afternoon Song-Born to Run

This song goes out to all of those who are running in Sunday’s New York Marathon. First two rocking versions, one from 1978 and the other from 2009, and then an acoustic version. What I always loved about this song is that at some point in their lives, almost every Bruce fan feels that this […]

What a Night for Springsteen Fans

Bruce Springsteen has been barnstorming around the country and playing some incredible concerts. For many Springsteen fans these days are filled with much trepidation because there are rumors that this may be the last Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour for a while, or maybe even forever. I was able to see two […]

Bruce Springsteen Playing Havanagila

It starts at around 2:15. Max Weinberg, the drummer, actually played the bar-mitzvah circuit at numerous times in his life. Jeffrey Goldberg on the concert. I saw him at the Spectrum in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. It was great as always, although the next night he did play London Calling.

Springsteen Album Leaked

From Entertainment Weekly: Last night brought a surprise for Bruce Springsteen fans: Right around dinner time, his album Working on a Dream leaked online all at once, two weeks before its scheduled Jan. 27 release date. I’m not about to provide any links to pirated music, but I hear that those so inclined shouldn’t have […]

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