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Daf Yomi Kids Edition

At the Talmud Blog Yoel Finkelman reviews two recent publications that are centered around Daf Yomi and for children. Surprisingly – or not – two versions of daf yomi for kids have appeared in the past few years: a Hebrew version, created by religious-Zioinists in Israel that comes in several hardback volumes, and an English […]

Eruvin 67-68: Talmudic Manuscripts and the Shabbes Goy

[The following post is a revision of two posts from six years ago.] Followers of Daf Yomi recently read one of the most important Talmudic sources that addresses the question of a Shabbes Goy, i.e. a non-Jew who performs an act on behalf of a Jew that is prohibited for a Jew to do. On […]

Daily Daf Differently

Another new Daf Yomi initiative is Daily Daf Differently. We hope you will join us as we go through the process of learning the daily Talmud page led by a group of master Rabbis and teachers who will take a look at the “Daf Yomi” through a liberal lens. This initiative is hosted by Jcast […]

In Addition to the Blog

I have begun to expand to other forum beyond this blog, with the two most recent editions being a Youtube video channel and an iTunes podcast channel. You can click on the links and subscribe to both the Youtube and the iTunes channels. As of now, most of the posts will be related to Daf […]

What to Learn

A number of months ago I posted about an interesting devar Torah by Rabbi David Bigman about Becoming Your Own Posek. I was unable to locate the source that Rabbi Bigman quoted, but a kind reader contacted Rabbi Bigman and found out that the source was in קונטרס סדר תורת הלימוד, תורת ההוראה והמנהגים, which […]

The Pitfalls of Daf Yomi

The following post was published at Lookjed. The community focus, and media hype, over the study of daf yomi leaves me with two nagging concerns, on which I would invite comment by others. First, study in the daf yomi style, involves a relentless push to complete what can be a very complicated matter in a […]

What Happened to Immersion for a Ba’al Keri

Daf Yomi has recently been learning about the case of the Ba’al Keri, a man who ejaculated and was required to immerse in a mikveh before learning Torah and praying. An interesting question is what happened to the requirement of immersion for a Baal Keri? Below is an old article by Meir Havatzelet who traced […]

Let Them Believe in Demons

I guess that it shouldn’t be surprising that a number of people have written about the common belief in demons that is found in the first chapter of the Talmud. Basing himself upon the teachings of the Rambam and Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik, Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky wrote the following: This Rambam comes to mind when trying […]

Will the Real Beruryah Please Stand Up

In tomorrow’s Daf Yomi (Berachot 10a) we meet Beruryah for the first time. There are two good online articles about Beruryah. The first is this post by Tzee Zahavy that includes in English all of the sources in rabbinic literature that mention her, the second is this encyclopedia entry by Tal Ilan. If we asked […]

Some Helpful Daf Yomi Resources

As the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi has already begun for some people, here are a few helpful resources. Rabbi Jeff Kuperman’s thorough list of Daf Yomi resources is always helpful. Rabbi Dov Linzer’s web site has posted a CSV file of the Daf Yomi calendar that can be imported into some calendars, e.g. a […]

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