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Bridging Scholarship and Pedagogy

The Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University has been working on bridging the worlds of scholarship and pedagogy. A few years ago they sponsored a conference (video here) devoted to the teaching of Rabbinic literature. Some fruits of their efforts can be found in these working papers, some of which have […]

Firing a Pregnant Unmarried Teacher

Channel Two in Israel is reporting that a forty year-old unmarried teacher was fired from her teaching position in a religious school (unnamed) because she became pregnant through IVF. (hat tip) A while ago I posted about a court case in NY in which the firing from a Seventh-Day Adventist school of an unmarried teacher […]

Catholic Schools and Jewish Day Schools

Alan Brill has an interesting post on his must-see blog, The Book of Doctrines and Opinions: Notes on Jewish Theology and Spirituality, about Catholic Schools and Jewish Day Schools. This post reminds me of another interesting comparison which has been made, and that is between the Jewish and Catholic communities in Boston. A number of […]

A Cartoon Mishnah

As a follow-up to my post on the Talmud and comics, I wanted to point out an excellent book which illustrates teachings of the Mishnah through comics. The book is Tallis Ends and Other Tales by R. Don Channen. It was published almost twenty years ago by Gefen Publishing and I am glad to see […]

How much did they understand?

There is a recent post at Seforim which among many interesting topics, discusses some opinions as to “How much effort should people put into learning?,” or maybe more appropriately, “How much effort do people put into learning?” In medieval Ashkenaz, more than one teacher complained about both their students and the general level of learning. […]

The Purpose of Jewish Education

Many studies have been written trying to describe the impact of Jewish education on the adult lives of those who have received a Jewish education. This study comes to the conclusion, not surprisingly, that the more Jewish education a child has, the stronger their Jewish identity and commitment later in life. For me one of […]

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