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An Stylish Personal Mechitzah

Last year, reports about the call by some rabbis for a “personal mechitzah” on planes made their rounds. My friend Josh N. just forwarded to me a more stylish answer to the generic personal mechitzah, the privacy shell. At least the “privacy shell” has room for two. See here for details.

What’s She Doing There?

For some time now in Arad there has been a battle between hasidim from Habad and Gur over who has control over the central synagogue. From time to time things get a bit violent, and the confrontation from this past shabbat created a rare situation. Apparently, there was an argument over which rabbi was going […]

Stalinism is Alive and Well

I once heard Prof. Moshe Samet say that ultra-orthodoxy is one of the last Stalinist societies on Earth. I would change his statement a bit and say that many ultra-orthodox rabbis, not all of them, and surely not all ultra-orthodox Jews, would like it to be this way. Here is more evidence. Control what they […]

Just Close Your Eyes

R. Josh Waxman has the latest in piety requirements for airplane travelers. This gemara which I learned this morning seems to be an appropriate comment. תלמוד בבלי מסכת סוטה דף כב עמוד ב ת”ר, שבעה פרושין הן: פרוש שיכמי, פרוש נקפי, פרוש קיזאי, פרוש מדוכיא, פרוש מה חובתי ואעשנה, פרוש מאהבה, פרוש מיראה. פרוש שיכמי […]

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