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New Documentary About Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

The most recent TV documentary on Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. (H) Watch video here.

Reviews of Mehalekhet Bedarkah

Below is a list of reviews or article about Malka Puterkovsky’s new book, מהלכת בדרכה, that I hope to keep updating as they are written. 1. Yael Levine in Kipa and INN (Hebrew): A critical review of Puterkovsky’s chapter on woman saying the mourner’s kaddish. Levine wrote: [An] in depth analysis uncovers cardinal problems throughout the […]

Carol Gilligan and Jewish Law

Carol Gilligan’s book In a Different Voice had a tremendous influence on our understanding of gender and morality, even as some disagree with her theories. This is how one website summarized her findings: In the book, Gilligan outlined her findings on female moral development and decision-making, drawing on studies with children and university students. In […]

New Blog Focusing on Women and Halakhah

There’s a new blog on the web by Debby Koren, VaTashar Devora, which is described as “A blog about halakha, women and Judaism, Jewish family law, agunot.” After much urging and encouragement from my “fans” and friends, I am launching my blog, VaTashar Devora – ותשר דבורה (Judges 5,1). My primary focus is to discuss […]

Beit Morasha’s Halakhah Program for Women

Ynet has an article (H) about Beit Morasha’s Advanced Halakhah Program for Women. It is a very serious program that does not limit itself to questions about Tohorat ha-Mishpaḥah and is sure to have an influence on the modern religious community in Israel. The curriculum can be found here.

New Book-The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa

Just Published! The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa Special Introductory Offer until Passover The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa, David Golinkin, Jerusalem: The Center for Women in Jewish Law at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, 2012, 413 pp.; hardcover, $25, special offer: $20 plus shipping Click here to order The […]

Reading Tehumin in Teheran

In a recent tweet, Rav Tzair called attention to a post on a new Hebrew language Iranian news site that quoted the Rabbinic publication Teḥumin. שרת החוץ הישראלית לשעבר ציפי ליבני הודתה כי עסקה בזנות וביצעה מעשים לא מוסריים עם כמה מנהיגים ערבים במטרה לסחוט אותם כדי לשרת את בטחונה של ישראל, ליבני בראיון לשבועון […]

Video: Halakhah in Medieval Provence

Dr. Pinchas Roth gives the first of a series of lectures on “Forgotten Paths of Halakhah: Explorations in Medieval Rabbinic Culture.” HT from a friend on FB.

New Book on Rav Uziel and Conversion

Zvi Zohar has published a book about Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Ḥai Uziel’s approach to conversion. If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can contact Judaica Book Centre in Jerusalem:

Ephraim Urbach-100 Years Since His Birth

The National Library of Israel recently organized a conference to mark one hundred years since the birth of Ephraim Urbach. Below are videos of the conference. (Hebrew) The biographical description at the beginning is fascinating. Numerous items from Urbach’s personal papers that are now housed at the National Library can be seen here.

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