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An Interesting Hanukkah Custom

In rabbinic literature there is a lot of discussion about the status of lighting Hanukkah candles in the synagogue. It is clearly a custom, so do you bless? Should a minor recite the blessings? One custom found in some Hassidic communities is that in order to emphasize that the lighting of Hanukkah candles in the […]

Tallit-Inspired Cardigan

All it needs are some tzizit and maybe another corner or two and it’ll be the perfect gift for that special tzizit wearing woman that you know. Available for order here. (HT on FB)

Pre-Shabbat and Hanukkah Song

In 1970 Naomi Shemer wrote a song about the Israeli fortifications on the Bar-Lev Line that was influenced by the traditional Maoz Tzur. The name of the song is שבחי המעוז, the Praises of the Fortification, although it is also known as מעוז צור ישועתי after the opening line. For a detailed discussion of the […]

The Origins of Hanukkiyah

A number of years ago I wrote a post about the origins of the word חנוכייה/Hanukkiyah. I just updated it with some new information and two images of early appearances of the word in print. חג אורים שמח. The post can be found here.

Menorot in Hebrew Printing

Notrikon has a nice selection (Heb) of Menorot  from Hebrew books that are constructed with letters. These menorot are illustrations of the menorah from the Temple, and not Hanukkiyot from Hanukkah. Here are two of the examples that are brought. For more on the menorah in the Temple see this classic article by Daniel Sperber and here p. 31

Interview with Israel Knohl on Miracles in the Bible

Prof. Israel Knohl was interviewed by Dov Elbaum on his program Sod ha-Luaḥ ha-Ivri. The entire program can be found here. The interview is in Hebrew, but here is a summary of Knohl’s ideas. Knohl tries to minimize the importance of miracles in Judaism and the Bible, intentionally using the post-Biblical phrase “עולם כמנהגו נוהג”, […]

The Ben-Yehudah Family and Hanukkah

Today is Eliezer Ben-Yehudah’s yarzheit. Ben-Yehudah died on 26 Kislev 5683/December 16, 1922. Not only did Ben-Yehudah die during Ḥanukkah, but his wife Hemda Ben-Yehudah invented the word חנוכייה. Here is a previous post that I wrote on the origins of the word חנוכייה.

Hanukkah Liturgy

There are two interesting posts about Hanukkah-related liturgical issues. The first is by Ophir Münz-Manor of the Talmud Blog and is on Hanukkah and Piyyut. The second is in the Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon and is by Akiba Zimmerman. Zimmerman writes (Hebrew) about the irony that Hanukkah, the holiday that celebrates the battle against […]

The Maccabeats in the Cyber-Responsa Literature

The phenomenon of responsa on the Internet is a fascinating area of study, and it is not surprising that the first mention of the Maccabeats in the responsa literature was in a cyber-responsa. The following is from Kipa. תוכן השאלה שלום הרב! סרטון שרץ ברשת (וזכה למלא צפיות): זאת חבורה של אמריקאים עם כיפות ששרים […]

Moshe Benovitz on the History of Hanukkah

See here for a nice discussion by Moshe Benovitz on the origin and history of Hanukkah. Happy Hannukah to all.

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