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Lashon Hakodesh: History, Holiness, and Hebrew

Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein was kind enough to send me a copy of his most recent book, Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew. Rabbi Klein has done an admirable job of presenting the multi-faceted history of the Hebrew language within Jewish tradition and culture. This is not a critical history of the Hebrew language, for […]

Valmadonna Trust Library to be Broken Up and Sold

The rumors are true, after no one was found who would buy the entire collection, the famed Valmadonna Trust Library is to be broken up and sold. It’s official! Valmadonna Trust Library sale, Part I, @Sothebys, December 22: — Michelle Chesner (@hchesner) November 13, 2015 If you have the money, a complete Bomberg Talmud […]

A Censored Volume of the Beit Yosef

Musings of a Jewish Bookseller has a nice post with images about a censored volume of the Beit Yosef, Even Ha-Ezer, that was printed in Venice in 1565. Apparently this censor was quite prudish about sexual matters.

Exhibition of Rare Hebrew MSS and Books at Chabad Library

Visit Jewish.TV for more Jewish videos. The Chabad-Lubavitch Library in Brooklyn has opened an exhibition of rare Hebrew manuscripts and books, Ginzei Seforim. Among the gems that are on display are the following pages from Rashi on the Torah and an edition of the Talmud that were printed in Spain before the expulsion. Information about […]

Correspondence of Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt

Since the recent passing of Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt, a number of bloggers have published some of his correspondence. Musings of a Jewish Bookseller has posted correspondence between Rabbi Greenblatt and the publisher of his responsa. Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer has published some correspondence between himself and Rabbi Greenblatt here, here, and here.

Video: History of the Jewish Book Since Printing

The video of is from a lecture at the Library of Congress. Hat tip goes to Alfonso de Zamora on Twitter.

Censorship of Jewish Texts

Ynet is reporting (Hebrew) about a conference today at the National Library of Israel on censorship of Jewish texts. In the past the NLI has posted videos of conferences online an hopefully this one will find its way to Youtube soon.

Interview with Aviad Stollman of the National Library of Israel

Kol Israel just had an interview with Aviad Stollman, Judaica Collections Curator at the National Library of Israel. The interview (Hebrew, app. 12 minutes in two parts) addressed a number of questions about the Afghan Geniza, the Judaica collection of the NLI, digitization, etc.

Video: The People in the Books

Below is a video featuring a current exhibit at the Columbia University Library, The People in the Books: Judaica Manuscripts at Columbia University Libraries. The exhibit runs through January 25, 2013.

Menorot in Hebrew Printing

Notrikon has a nice selection (Heb) of Menorot  from Hebrew books that are constructed with letters. These menorot are illustrations of the menorah from the Temple, and not Hanukkiyot from Hanukkah. Here are two of the examples that are brought. For more on the menorah in the Temple see this classic article by Daniel Sperber and here p. 31

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