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Purim in Israel Under Austerity

While Israel as a start-up nation is the latest rage, people shouldn’t forget that for a number of years after the founding of the state, Israeli citizens lived under a regime of austerity and rationing, in Hebrew the צנע (Tzena). The amount of food and clothing that a person could buy was limited and determined […]

War on Torah Brings Missiles

Just in case you were wondering why missiles are being fired at Israel, the Lithuanian Haredi newspaper Yated Neeman’s front page has the answer: “War on Torah: War in the South.” From Walla.

No Women Blessing Hanukkah Candles at BGU-Updated

Israel Channel 10 broadcast a segment on how at the official Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony for Ben-Gurion University no women were allowed to either light candles or sing. The rabbi of the university was the authority that decided that this would be the policy and he was supported by the administration. After protests the administration […]

Arik Einstein z”l

There have been many good pieces written about Arik Einstein in the past day. A few that I liked are here, here, here, and here. Below are a few videos that I would recommend to get a taste of who he was. Here is video from the wedding of his ultra-Orthodox daughter to the son […]

Changes in Israeli Marriage

During the past few weeks much has happened in Israel in the area of marriage. Much of it started with an article by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed that called for a recognized brit zugiyut, literally a covenantal relationship, between people. While there are different interpretations of what type of relationship this would be and what would […]

National Geographic Does Shabbat

Below is a funny video from the Israeli religious satirical group Underdos. Even without knowledge of Hebrew I think that you can still appreciate it. Just to emphasize how spot on they are in the video, the scenario that begins at 2:10 actually happened to us with a non-religious shaliaḥ from the Jewish Agency who […]

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef zt”l

A thousand years from now probably none of us will be remembered. That’s just the truth. Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef zt”l is someone whose name and teachings will be on the lips of Jews through the next millennium. May his teachings and life continue to both inspire and challenge us. יהי זכרו ברוך.

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef on Withdrawing from Territories

As a result of both Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef’s illness, may he recover and live until 120, and the appearance of Shas MK Yitzhak Vaknin at the J Street Conference, a number of people have been speaking about Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef’s responsum on withdrawing from territory that has been captured/liberated (whichever you prefer). See for example […]

Israel Education Circa 1930

I stumbled across this interesting article about Israel,then Palestine, Education from 1930. Many of the issues and arguments seem to be the same today. Sanity in the Teaching of Palestine

Videos of Talks on the Talmud at the NLI

The National Library of Israel recently hosted a number of talks on the Talmud, its history, interpretation, and place within Israeli society. They featured a variety of speakers and artists. A review of one of the sessions can be found here. The lectures are in Hebrew.

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