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Two Interviews with Hamas Expert Shlomi Eldar

This summer I am in Israel, so the current situation is occupying me quite a lot recently. If you are interested in reading more politically oriented commentary of mine, you can follow me on Twitter. That being said, I decided that politics had to make an appearance on this blog at the present time. There […]

Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef on the Peace with Egypt

One of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef’s most discussed responsum is his one on withdrawing from territories captured in war in the framework of a peace accord. I have discussed this responsum here, and now a new document has been published that further sheds light on Rav Ovadiah’s opinion on the issue. Itzik Sudri, whose sister is […]

Shulamit Aloni and the Maror

In the Talmud (Pesaḥim 120a) there is a disagreement over the status today of both matzah and maror: Rava said: [The eating of] matza nowadays is a biblical obligation, whereas [that of] maror is rabbinic. Why is maror different? Because it is written, “They shall eat it [the Pesach-offering] with unleavened bread and bitter herbs” […]

Discussion of New Book on Gush Emunim

Tomer Persico has posted the audio (Hebrew) of an evening dedicated to discussing a new book on Gush Emunim by Gideon Aran. Persico’s review of the book can be found here (English) and here (Hebrew), while one by Yair Sheleg is here (Hebrew).

Shmuel Eliyahu as the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

There are more press reports (Hebrew) about support coming from the mayor of Jeruslaem Nir Barket for Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu as the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, or, one of the Chief Rabbis of Jerusalem. The elections for a new chief rabbi of Jerusalem have been on hold for quite a long time, although if the […]

Video-Rabbi Benny Lau on Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

For those who want a very good introduction to the importance of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, this recent talk by Rabbi Benny Lau is worthwhile. It is in Hebrew and HT goes to Rav Tzair.

Video-Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef After Hearing of Rabin Assasination

Below is a video of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef after he heard that Yitzhak Rabin had been shot. Rav Ovadiah had been delivering his traditional Saturday night class when he was told what happened. (HT Kikar Hashabat) Below the video is a translation of Rav Ovadiah’s reaction. Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef: What? He was seriously wounded? What?…We […]

The Beginnings of Shas

Below is a short video (Hebrew) about the beginnings of the Shas party. The video includes some interesting interviews and footage. One thing that I didn’t know was that the beginnings of Shas are to be found in elections for the Jerusalem Municipality in 1983.

Yeshayahu Leibowitz in His Own Words

Now that the Jerusalem City Council has decided to name a street (it will be on Givat Ram) after Yeshayahu Leibowitz, I recommend watching these documentaries about him to see what he had to say. The first documentary consists of two videos and has English subtitles. The third video is another fascinating documentary that is […]

Ruth Calderon Teaching Mishnah in the Knesset

In response to a motion of no confidence, Ruth Calderon teaches some Mishnah from the Knesset podium. (HT)

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