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Zusha: Online Repository of Hasidic Tales

Today a new website was unveiled that hopes to be the ultimate online repository of Hasidic tales, at least in Hebrew. Zusha, the brainchild of the Israeli journalist Sara Beck, wants to make the Hasidic tale available in a modern and accessible digital format. Each story is presented in a more modern and accessible Hebrew […]

The Origins of Ashkenazi Jewry

Manuscript Boy has an interesting post in which he tries to situate the most recent study about the genetic origins of Ashkenazi Jewry in the context of research into rabbinic literature and tradition.

Saadia Gaon and the Quran

The blog of the Revel Graduate School at YU has a very interesting summary of a talk given by Prof. Meir Bar Asher on the relationship between Saadia Gaon, his commentary on the Torah, the Quran, and Quranic interpretation. It makes for a great read on how knowledge of other religious and exegetical traditions can […]

Leo Baeck Institute Collection Digitized

The Leo Baeck Institute has announced the digitization of much of their holdings, DigiBaeck.

Everyone and His/Her Haggadah

Another nice Erev Pesaḥ program that was broadcast today on Israel Radio was כל אחד וההגדה שלו. The program featured a number of participants, among them Prof. Avigdor Shinan. It can be listened to here. If you can understand the Hebrew, it’s a nice program to listen to while preparing for the seder.

The Afghan Geniza

Many people have been talking about the news report on Israel Channel Two about Jewish texts, reported to be from the 10th century, that were found in Afghanistan. This report in the Jerusalem Post provides the main points of the news report. Below is the video of the Channel Two news report. (Hebrew)

Memorial Volume for I.M. Ta-Shma

A two-volume memorial volume has just been published for Prof. I.M. Ta-Shma. (hat tip) The book can be ordered from It is nine hundred pages of research into liturgy, Jewish law, customs, history, etc.

Chaim Grade and Gedolei Yisrael

At Oneg Shabbat, David Assaf has a post (Hebrew) about the relationships between the Yiddish writer Chaim Grade and Gedolei Yisrael, especially the Hazon Ish.

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