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Video of Sessions from the WCJS 2017

The WUJS has posted to Youtube a number of sessions from this past summer’s WCJS in Jerusalem. In the video below (8:00) you can see that I am not a Russian bot.

Leo Baeck Institute Collection Digitized

The Leo Baeck Institute has announced the digitization of much of their holdings, DigiBaeck.

Prof. Jonah Frankel z”l

Prof. Jonah Frankel z”l, one of the most important scholars of the modern study of midrash, has died in Jerusalem. Frankel is responsible for changing the way that midrashic literature is studied all over the world. A summary of his contribution can be found at the Talmud Blog. Here is an excerpt: His greatest and […]

Ephraim Urbach-100 Years Since His Birth

The National Library of Israel recently organized a conference to mark one hundred years since the birth of Ephraim Urbach. Below are videos of the conference. (Hebrew) The biographical description at the beginning is fascinating. Numerous items from Urbach’s personal papers that are now housed at the National Library can be seen here.

Memorial Volume for I.M. Ta-Shma

A two-volume memorial volume has just been published for Prof. I.M. Ta-Shma. (hat tip) The book can be ordered from It is nine hundred pages of research into liturgy, Jewish law, customs, history, etc.

Jewish Studies and the Scholem-Kurzweil Debate

Jewish Ideas Daily published an article by Alex Joffe, Jewish Studies in Decline? I think that the state of Jewish Studies is affected by a number of factors, some of them being: 1. The decline of the humanities versus the sciences and applied professions in some quarters; 2. The nature of the research itself; 3. […]

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein on his 25th Yarzheit

Last week was the 25th yarzheit of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. I was in Israel at the time of his funeral, although I didn’t have much of an idea who he was, that only came a few years later. A number of interested posts were written about him. See this one by Adderabbi and this one […]

AJS 2010-Update 2

I am on the bus home from AJS, so I’ll take advantage of the Wi-Fi and write a second update about the conference. The following session was standing room only, accompanied by quite a bit of excitement. THE BABYLONIAN TALMUD IN ITS SASANIAN CONTEXT: A ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION Chairs: Yaakov Elman (Yeshiva University) P. Oktor Skjaervo […]

AJS 2010-Update 1

AJS 2010 is going very well. I have gone to some very good sessions, had a chance to (re)meet some great people, and spend time with friends and strangers. Here are a few comments on what I’ve heard so far. Sunday, Session 1-“CLASSICAL RABBINICS AS A PRISM FOR JEWISH HISTORIOGRAPHY”: The conference started off with […]

Gerim Heyitem

From Hagahot: “A friend of mine just launched a website aiming to bring together anti-racist rabbis. The website is here. There’s a growing list of links here. (Via Hagahot.)

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