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Darchei Daniel in Honor of Daniel Sperber

The Twitter account Seforim Chatter has brought our attention to the recently published jubilee volume in honor of Daniel Sperber, The Paths of Daniel Studies in Judaism and Jewish Culture in Honor of Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber. It looks like a thousand pages that many will enjoy reading through. This volume is dedicated to Daniel […]

Interview with Yoav Sorek-Part V

Below is the final part of the interview with Yoav Sorek. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV. The Holiness in the Seam Line Sector Maybe redemption will come from what you call the boundary sector, people who occupy the area between the religious and the secular? “Correct. Taking off the kippah is maybe […]

Jewish Ideas Daily

I wanted to give a shout-out to Jewish Ideas Daily. It is a new website which is trying to combine aggregation of quality web-based material along with some original writing. Jewish Ideas Daily is a one-stop source of opinion and insight, of deliberation and analysis, of reflection, discovery, stimulation, and delight: the best that has […]

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