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Today’s Historic Rabbanut Exams

After a legal battle, today four women are taking (H) the Israeli Chief Rabbinate semikhah exam in the laws of kashrut. Last year the religious women’s organization Emunah petitioned the High Court of Justice to force the Rabbinate to allow women to take the exam and become mashgihot kashrut (kashrut supervisors). In December, before the High […]

A Jerusalem Cafe Owner’s Indictment of OU Kashrut

A Jerusalem cafe owner’s indictment of OU mehadrin kashrut supervision. (Hebrew)

Video: The Laws of Kosher Slaughtering

Below is a very extensive and graphic video that illustrates how kosher slaughtering is done. It includes a lot of discussion about halakhic sources and laws. (Hebrew)

The Influence of Science on Kashrut

In a recent issue of Ha-Ma’ayan, Rabbi Dr. Israel Meir Levinger wrote an article (Hebrew) about scientific findings relating to the absorption and expunging by vessels. This is potentially very important for issues of Kashrut. In the most recent issue there were a number of responses. The original article and the responses raise a number […]

Is Kosher Meat Halal?

Yasir Qadhi has posted a talk that he gave at a conference sponsored by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America on whether kosher meat is also Ḥalāl. Here are his conclusions: In light of all that has preceded, and in this author’s opinion: – While the Qurʿān explicitly allows us to offer (and therefore […]

Review of Foreigners and Their Food

H-Judaica has a review of David M. Freidenreich’s Foreigners and Their Food: Constructing Otherness in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Law. Freidenreich’s book, a revision of his doctoral dissertation, argues that just as sharing food is an expression of hospitality and acknowledges a common humanity, a refusal to accept or share food is a sign of […]

Women as Kashrut Supervisors in Israel

The Israeli organization for national-religious women, Emunah, has begun the process of establishing a course for women who want to be Mashgiḥot Kashrut, kashrut supervisors. They have approached the Chief Rabbinate with a proposal that includes a curriculum. Apparently much is dependent on the local Rabbinic Council, and in Efrat this has already been implemented. […]

How many American Jews keep kosher?

Some interesting tables from Ira M. Sheskin’s, The Jewish Demography of Florida. The study contains numerous other informative graphs and tables. And what about Jews and Christmas trees?

Kosher Food in Neo-Aramaic

On H-Judaic there is a discussion about Kosher and Halal meat. The following comment by Yona Sabar was interesting. The word kasher/kosher is not “universal”. Among the Neo-Aramaic speaking Jews of northern Iraq, the Arabic word, Halal with an Aramaic suffix, Halala, was used for “kasher”;and Harama for “unkasher”. Very “Kasher” meat was Halala ‘ikh […]

Kosher Kitchens on HGTV

My wife recently saw an episode of the HGTV program Property Brothers that featured a couple and their kosher kitchen. The religious couple was having their kitchen remodeled, and the show explained all of the ins and outs of a kosher kitchen. She said that it was a very well done program, and that they […]

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