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New Book-In God’s Image

Yair Lorberbaum’s important work on the role of the concept of Tzelem Elohim, image of God or Imago Dei, in Jewish law and rabbinic theology has now been translated into English and will soon be published. I have not seen the English version, In God’s Image: Myth, Theology, and Law in Classical Judaism, but the […]

A Halakhic Tribute to Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

Ethan Tucker has written a thoughtful tribute to Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef zt”l. R. Ovadiah–A Halakhic Tribute by Ethan Tucker

Carol Gilligan and Jewish Law

Carol Gilligan’s book In a Different Voice had a tremendous influence on our understanding of gender and morality, even as some disagree with her theories. This is how one website summarized her findings: In the book, Gilligan outlined her findings on female moral development and decision-making, drawing on studies with children and university students. In […]

New Book: The Logic of Law Making in Islam

This looks like an interesting book on legal history. This is from the Legal History Blog. The Logic of Law Making in Islam: Women and Prayer in the Legal Tradition, by Behnam Sadeghi (Stanford University), is out this month from Cambridge University Press. Here’s an overview of the book, from the publisher’s website: This pioneering […]

Menachem Elon and Mishpat Ivri

Prof. Menachem Elon z”l was one of the scholars most responsible for promoting the school of Mishpat Ivri, or “Hebrew Law.” Prof. Elon defined Mishpat Ivri in the following manner: The term mishpat Ivri…is now generally accepted as embracing only those matters of the halakhah (Jewish law) whose equivalent is customarily dealt with in other […]

Kaye, “The Legal Philosophies of Religious Zionism, 1937-1967″

(From THE BLOG OF THE CENTER FOR JEWISH LAW) Alexander Kaye, former CJL Graduate Fellow in Jewish Law and Interdisciplinary Studies and currently the Tikvah Post-Doctoral Fellow in Jewish Thought at Princeton, recently completed his PhD at Columbia’s history department. His dissertation, ‘The Legal Philosophies of Religious Zionism, 1937-1967,’ is an important contribution to scholarship […]

New Article: Extraordinary Sources of Jewish Law

Steven H. Resnicoff has posted at SSRN a chapter from his book, Understanding Jewish Law. The chapter is titled “Extraordinary Sources of Jewish Law: the Example of Capital Punishment.” (here) Most Jewish law scholarship, especially that which is published in English, focuses on only one of Jewish law’s criminal law enforcement systems, namely, the operation […]

Israeli Legal History Annual Conference-Jerusalem, 2012

From the Legal History Blog: Proposals are invited from members of the American Society for Legal History interested in joining an ASLH-sponsored panel at the Israeli Legal History Association’s annual conference to be held 15 October 2012 in Jerusalem. As part of its policy of international outreach, the ASLH has entered into an agreement with […]

Theory and Method in Legal History and Kabbalists

The Legal History Blog links to the articles from UC Irvine Law Review’s symposium on Theory and Method in Legal History. All of the articles can be found here. The following may be of special interest to readers of this blog: Shai J. Lavi, Enchanting a Disenchanted Law: On Jewish Ritual and Secular History in […]

Lawrence Kaplan on Rashi, the Rambam, the Rav, and the Laws of Mourning

Below is a video of a lecture by Lawrence Kaplan on “Can the Halakhah Suspend One’s Emotions? Rabbi Soloveitchik, Rashi, and Maimonidies on the Laws of Mourning.”

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