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Astrolobes and Hebrew Manuscripts

Josefina Rodríguez Arribas writes about using the Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts of the National Library of Israel for studying the history of astrolabes. (hat tip) Astrolabes are the medieval equivalent of the kind of handheld technology we’re all very accustomed to in the twenty-first century. They were instruments you could use to find your […]

The National Library of Israel

In 2008 the Jewish National University Library officially became the National Library of Israel. A few days ago the project moved forward a little bit more. Israel’s new National Library will be constructed between the Knesset and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the cabinet decided last week. The decision, made at the same meeting that […]

New Online Texts from Bar-Ilan

Haaretz is reporting that Bar-Ilan University will be the home of a new online library of Hebrew texts, a project initiated by President Shimon Peres. The works slated for inclusion in the project will be selected by academics from Bar-Ilan and other universities over the next few months. In addition, a section of the data […]

Jewish Library Blogs and Transcribing Manuscripts

The JTS library has just launched a blog, Mekorot, with the following description, The Mekorot blog will feature reviews and discussion of new and classic sources in Jewish Studies, bibliographical notes, and edifying tidbits by the librarians of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Now if the library could only get books cataloged and returned to the […]

Photo archive of ancient manuscripts of the Quran

An interesting episode in Koranic scholarship. A few salient points. First, it seems that scholars of rabbinic literature from Hebrew University aren’t the only ones who keep their scholarly research hidden. Second, the theory that parts of the Koran were originally written in Syriac is interesting. I recently linked to an interesting book on early […]

Anthony Grafton on the Digital Age

As with most of his other writings, Anthony Grafton has written an interesting article in the New Yorker on “Digitization and its Discontents”.  Grafton’s bottom-line is that no matter how important 21st c. technologies are for research, and how much they often help academic research, Google Books, JSTOR, et al. will never take the place […]

Presidential Libraries

I recently read in TNR that President George W. Bush plans to raise close to $500 million for his Presidential Library.  In search of something a bit less egotistical than large-budget presidential libraries (GWB did not start the trend, nor are presidential libraries unimportant), I happily stumbled across catalogues of the actual private libraries of […]

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