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The History of Nachmanides’s Commentary on the Torah

The Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon has a very interesting book review (Hebrew) of what looks like a fascinating book. Yosef Ofer and Yehonatan Jacobs have published a book that examines the history of Ramban’s commentary on the Torah. Previous scholars had noticed additions to his commentary that Nachmanides added later, specifically those which were […]

British Library’s Hebrew MSS to be Digitized

The world of manuscript studies is changing constantly, with more and more MSS becoming as accessible as the nearest Internet connection. The British Library, formerly part of the British Museum, has begun digitizing their collection of 1250 Hebrew MSS. The goal is to have them all available and on-line in three years. This summer saw […]

The Cairo Geniza and Indic Languages

Just when you thought that you had heard about the most interesting document to be found in the Cairo Geniza, try this on for size. The blog Jabal al-Lughat has posted about a few Geniza fragments that seem to contain writing from a possibly unknown Indic language. (Hat tip to Shamma Boyarin on Twitter.) [The] […]

Pictures of the Oldest Sefer Torah

Below are some pictures of what is possibly the oldest Sefer Torah. The pictures are from this article from the Huffington Post in Italian and the Ansa news agency. HT to the person who discovered the Sefer Torah, Mauro Perani, who posted a link on Facebook.

Video on Illustrated Haggadot

Watch this short video (Hebrew) on illustrated Haggadot. (HT to LJ on FB)

Censorship of Jewish Texts

Ynet is reporting (Hebrew) about a conference today at the National Library of Israel on censorship of Jewish texts. In the past the NLI has posted videos of conferences online an hopefully this one will find its way to Youtube soon.

Oxford and Cambridge Cooperating to Buy Geniza Collection

Oxford and Cambridge are teaming up and hoping to purchase the Geniza collection found at Westminster College. (HT) The fragments were brought back from Cairo by the intrepid twin sisters Agnes Smith Lewis and Margaret Dunlop Gibson in 1896 and deposited at Westminster College. Treasures of the collection include the earliest known example of a Jewish […]

Possible Rare Sefer Torah Found in Italy

Mauro Perani, an expert on Hebrew manuscripts and the person most responsible for the discovery and dissemination of the “European Genizah,” is reporting on Facebook the discovery of a possibly very early and rare Sefer Torah. Here are some of Perani’s comments: On the nature and date of this Sefer Torah there is now an […]

Hebrew Codicology

As a follow up to my previous post, the National Library of Israel has posted a pre-publication text of the entire Hebrew version of Malachi Beit-Arié’s book, Hebrew Codicology: Historical and Comparative Typology of Hebrew Medieval Codices based on the Documentation of the Extant Dated Manuscripts in Quantitative Approach online. A pre-publication summary of the […]

Learn the Basics of Palaeography

The Institute for Historical Research, which is associated with the University of London, is offering a free online course in Palaeography. (HT: PhiloBiblos) Medievalists have always found it difficult to interact with primary sources from their period of study due to a lack of training in palaeography (and manuscript studies), that is to say, the […]

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