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If you were wondering about that borscht

I stumbled upon this article in the June 30, 1950 edition of the Jewish Times from Baltimore.

Forged British Passports..Don’t Worry, it’s the CIA

I found it a bit ironic that Andrew Sullivan, a professional angster and screecher over Israel’s barbarism and lost soul, linked to an article from Harper’s about a Spanish investigation into CIA activities on its soil. What caught my eye in the article was the following sentence. El-Masri’s CIA abductors entered Spanish territory using forged […]

Where’s the Food?

These days whenever someone mentions Israeli TV shows, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds is Srugim. It is a very good show, and who can’t love a show in which Herem DeRabbeinu Gershom gets mentioned, as was in the last episode. I stumbled upon another show of a different nature, איפה האוכל?, […]

Post-snow Parking

Most people who live in an urban setting and don’t have a parking space know that parking is usually at a premium throughout the year. Parking becomes even more of a problem after a snowstorm because there are fewer parking spaces. You spend time to dig out your car and when you leave the spot, […]

Back from Cape Cod 2009

The other day our family returned from a great vacation on Cape Cod, a very fitting way to end the summer. I am still getting organized with the start of the new school so blogging might be a bit erratic. We rented a house on a lake with friends so I got to do plenty […]

Exercising, Diet, and Drinking Water

Scienceblogs has a few interesting posts about diet and exercise. The posters are trying to dispel myths and give people access to what science knows about these issues. Who are you calling fat, eh? The myth about exercise? Gimme a break. How much water do I really need when I exercise?

On the Defensive Much

Last week, David Pogue, whose column I highly recommend for anybody interested in technology, wrote a article criticizing some aspects of the cellphone industry in America. His bottom line, in my words, many people are getting ripped off. Today in his column he reports about some attempts to rebut his claims. Here is what Pogue […]

Modest Swimwear

Just in time for summer, swimwear for the modest woman by Sea Secret. Read more about modest swimsuits here. I think that it is a great idea that may have appeal outside of the religious community. Are you ready for the summer, are you ready for the sunshine?

Putting Things in Perspective

My Wednesday afternoon very quickly went from sunny to near-disaster. It was one of the rare days when I drive into Manhattan instead of taking the subway. When I went to my car to go home with a stop for some food shopping along the way, I realized that someone else was parked in the […]

Free Range Kids

Unrelated to the Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the always interesting blog Boing Boing has linked to a blog which discusses things a bit more down-to-Earth, kids and how we shouldn’t be so paranoid, although sometimes we probably should be, about what they eat, how they play, etc. For parents with kids under driving […]

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