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More on the Afghan Genizah

The National Library of Israel has announced more acquisitions of material from the “Afghan Genizah.” A description in English of some material from their first acquisition can be found here while a more recent description in Hebrew of the more recent acquisitions can be found here. Among the more recent acquisitions are a few pages […]

Podcast About Stories in the Mishnah

WebYeshiva has an interview with Dr. Moshe Simon-Shoshan about his new book Stories of the Law: Narrative Discourse and the Construction of Authority in the Mishnah.

Jewish Beggars in Early 11th c. Palestine

Dr. Ezra Chwat at Giluy Milta B’alma has posted (Heb.) a Genizah fragment that included a recommendation to support a specific poor man. The letter was addressed to the residents of Ramla and was written in the early 11th c. In addition to the description of the beggar, the fragment includes a quote from Mishnah […]

A Digital Mishnah

Hayyim Lapin has begun work on a “Digital Mishnah.” The website of the project is here.  Below is an example of what a page of such an edition might look like.

Lamps, Hides, and Mishnaic Wordplay

I came across what I think is a nice mishnaic wordplay. The first mishnah is from Berachot 8:6 and the second is from Zevaḥim 12:4 (cf. Eiduyot 2:2). אֵין מְבָרְכִין לֹא עַל הַנֵּר וְלֹא עַל הַבְּשָׂמִים שֶׁל נָכְרִים, וְלֹא עַל הַנֵּר וְלֹא עַל הַבְּשָׂמִים שֶׁל מֵתִים, וְלֹא עַל הַנֵּר וְלֹא עַל הַבְּשָׂמִים שֶׁלִּפְנֵי עֲבוֹדָה זָרָה. […]

The Sages of the Mishnah Win

Photos: IAA Shlomo Naeh has a new interpretation of what was thought to be a seal certifying purity that was used in the Temple. According to Naeh, it is actually a token for a sacrifice. Thus, the object was used in Temple worship, but not how Reich and Shukron believe it was, says Naeh. To […]

Mishnah Yomit from the Conservative Yeshiva

Dr. Josh Kulp, author of the The Schechter Haggadah: Art, History and Commentary, prepares a Mishnah Yomit under the auspices of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Mishnah Yomit has just begun a new cycle of learning, starting with Masechet Berachot. You can subscribe to daily emails or read archived ones here. Here’s an example of […]

Food and Identity in Rabbinic Judaism

One of this year’s new books on rabbinic Judaism is Jordan D. Rosenblum’s Food and Identity in Early Rabbinic Judaism. From the publisher’s website: Food often defines societies and even civilizations. Through particular commensality restrictions, groups form distinct identities: those with whom ‘we’ eat (‘us’) and those with whom ‘we’ cannot eat (‘them’). This identity […]

Was the Last Supper a Passover Seder?

In a blog post (here) that brings a wide variety of artistic representations of the Last Supper, David Assaf wrote that some people either don’t know, or forget, that the Last Supper was a Passover Seder. לפעמים אנו שוכחים – או שמא פשוט לא יודעים – שהסעודה האחרונה של ישו היתה סעודת ליל הסדר. The […]

Kulmus or Kolmos?

How should קולמוס be pronounced? See this discussion.

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