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Who is Responsible for the Term Modern Orthodoxy

I recently came across a few 19th century uses of the term “Modern Orthodoxy Jews/Judaism.”  The term was not necessarily used in the same way that we use it today and a fuller discussion must related to the use of the term in a Christian context, but I thought that they were interesting none the […]

Full Interview with Yoav Sorek

I have posted the complete interview with Yoav Sorek in one file on Google Docs. The Hebrew version can be found here. Some of the formatting in Hebrew was difficult on Google Docs, so there are some weird placements of punctuation. The English version is here. Update: The journalist who interviewed Yoav Sorek, Tsur Ehrlich, […]

Interview with Yoav Sorek-Part I

I have been thinking a lot about the interview with Yoav Sorek, which I previously blogged about, and I decided to translate the interview. The interview is from Makor Rishon, Friday, January 22, 2010/7 Shevat 5770. Below is part I. ——————— The First Post-Orthodox Yoav Sorek, the wild boy of the yeshiva journalists, took off […]

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