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The History of Nachmanides’s Commentary on the Torah

The Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon has a very interesting book review (Hebrew) of what looks like a fascinating book. Yosef Ofer and Yehonatan Jacobs have published a book that examines the history of Ramban’s commentary on the Torah. Previous scholars had noticed additions to his commentary that Nachmanides added later, specifically those which were […]

The Tannaitic Bible

In Musaf Shabbat Raphael Zar summarizes (Hebrew) the research into the differences between the Masoretic text of the Bible and what seems to have been the text used by the Tannaim, including examples from the Talmud. Earlier treatments of these contradictions can be found in Shmuel Rosenfeld’s Mishpahat Sofrim and Avigdor Aptowitzer’s Das Schriftwort in […]

Contradicting Rashi at the WCJS

Musaf Shabbat has a number of very interesting articles (Hebrew) as usual. There are two about the Israeli-version of Half Shabbos and a third about the WCJS. This last article seems to be upset that in a keynote lecture, Judith Hauptman claimed that there are many examples of stories (מעשים) in the Talmud about Babylonian […]

Interview with Daniel Sperber About Eastern Religions

Makor Rishon’s Musaf Shabbat has a very interesting interview (Hebrew) with Daniel Sperber. Much of the interview discusses Judaism’s attitude toward Eastern religions and a recent book by Sperber that discusses this question. It also includes Sperber describing his days in Yeshivat Hebron and his own backpacking trip to India.

Vered Noam’s Article That is Making Waves

Vered Noam published an article [PDF] (Hebrew, as are all of the links.) in this past shabbat’s issue of Musaf Shabbat that is causing quite a bit of discussion in the blogosphere and social media. Noam challenges the current status of women in Orthodox Judaism and calls for change.

Musaf Shabbat-From Shlomo Goren to Hayyim Nachman Bialik

This week’s issue of Makor Rishon’s Musaf Shabbat is full of interesting articles (Hebrew) relating to Jewish law and culture in Israel. There’s an article on Rabbi Shlomo Goren’s approach to halakhah, an interview with Rabbanit Chana Henkin about the next step after the success of Yoatzot Halacha program, and an article about the creation […]

Evening Decidated to Halakhah at Beit Morasha

Beit Morasha and the Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon are sponsoring an evening dedicated to volume 27 of the journal Akdamot. It will be at Beit Morasha in Jerusalem on Dec. 12, 2011. The title of the evening is: ההלכה: בין קודש לחול. Details can be found here.

The Opening Battle

I am not sure if history will see this as the opening battle, but the struggle for what may be the future of Religious Zionism seems to be under way. A number of weeks ago Rabbi Neriah Gutal wrote a review of Rabbi Israel Rosen’s book, Ve-Ohev ha-Ger in Musaf Shabbat. A number of responses […]

The Third and Fourth Volumes of Kuntress ha-Teshuvot

Musaf Shabbat has an article on the third volume of Kuntress ha-Teshuvot He-Ḥadash, although it seems from here as if the fourth volume has already been published.

Musaf Shabbat-03.25.2011

From the most recent Musaf Shabbat (Hebrew) of Makor Rishon: 1. A nice article about the plans for the National Library of Israel. Also see this article from the Jpost. 2. An article by Dr. Harel Gordon on Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. Dr. Gordon wrote his dissertation on Rav Moshe’s halakhic methodology.

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