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Hoshana Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

A very nice modern interpretation of a traditional Jewish liturgical prayer.

Independence Day Edition of Musical Midrash

NRG has an article (Hebrew) about modern Israeli songs as musical midrash on traditional Jewish sources that includes links to sources. The article is based on source sheets found at Midreshet.

Journal of Synagogue Music

Thanks to a colleague’s email, I am able to notify you that the Journal of Synagogue of Music is now available online (here). All of the issues are online, although while looking for a specific article I found a PDF of an issue that was incomplete. Hopefully that was an exception.

Pre-Shabbat Song-Mika Karni

It seems that as of late almost everyone, including the Hillary Clinton, has been talking about women in Israel. Whether it is women in the army, on advertisements, or the gym at the Technion. While there are definitely misogynistic Israelis and much that could be improved, I think that many people have an over simplified […]

Pre-Shabbat Song-Arik Einstein on Missing Israel

As the week of Abba/Daddy/Christmas-gate ends, I thought that this was an appropriate song to hear. סן פרנסיסקו אריק איינשטיין מילים: אריק איינשטיין לחן: שלום חנוך יושב בסן פרנסיסקו על המים שוטף את העיניים בכחול ובירוק יפה בסן פרנסיסקו על המים אז איך ×–×” שאני מרגיש רחוק. ממול האווזים, שטים בין הסירות וגשר הזהב יפה […]

Happy Birthday Danny Sanderson

Danny Sanderson, who has been an important figure in Israeli music since the 1970’s, is 61 year old today. The first video is from his early days with Poogy. The second is a more recent one, a duet with Ninet Tayeb.

Modern Versions of Adon ha-Selichot

Here are some modern renditions of the traditional piyyut Adon ha-Selichot (English). The first is an instrumental version by Nikmat ha-Tractor (The Tractor’s Revenge). This version was released in 1990, years before modern renditions of piyyutim became very popular. The second version is another instrumental version performed by Eli Dali. This is by Koby […]

Friday Afternoon Song-Barry Sacharoff

Last week, the Israeli rock singer Barry Sacharoff paid a visit to the Chabad affiliated beit midrash in Tel Aviv, Bayit Ḥadash le-Midrash. Below are some videos of what resulted from that visit. For more on the visit, see this article (Hebrew) from Ynet.

Clarence Clemons RIP

Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for the E Street Band, died today at the age of 69 of complications from a stroke. It is hard to describe the close relationship that Bruce and Clarence have had for the last forty years. Since they met on a stormy night in Asbury Park in the early 1970’s, they […]

Happy Birthday Bob-Like a Rolling Stone

Today is Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, so below is a video of Dylan singing one of his most famous songs, Like a Rolling Stone. I also included a few of the dozens of covers of the song done by other artists. For those who really want to read up on the song and its influence, […]

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