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Affordable Access to Otzar HaChochma

Otzar HaChochma is one of those resources that many of us would love to have access to if it didn’t cost so much. I was therefore glad to read that while the Feinberg Ecollection of Spertus College will no longer be including access to the Bar-Ilan Responsa Project, it will soon add Otzar HaChochmah. Considering […]

The Dead Sea Scrolls Are More Accessible Than Ever

Approximately twenty years after a number of scholars upped the ante in their pressure to release to the public the Dead Sea Scrolls, the battle for public access may have truly come to an end. From Haaretz: The Israel Antiquities Authority and Google Israel launched the Dead Sea Scrolls digital library on Tuesday. The library, […]

Leo Baeck Institute Collection Digitized

The Leo Baeck Institute has announced the digitization of much of their holdings, DigiBaeck.

In Addition to the Blog

I have begun to expand to other forum beyond this blog, with the two most recent editions being a Youtube video channel and an iTunes podcast channel. You can click on the links and subscribe to both the Youtube and the iTunes channels. As of now, most of the posts will be related to Daf […]

Ephraim Urbach-100 Years Since His Birth

The National Library of Israel recently organized a conference to mark one hundred years since the birth of Ephraim Urbach. Below are videos of the conference. (Hebrew) The biographical description at the beginning is fascinating. Numerous items from Urbach’s personal papers that are now housed at the National Library can be seen here.

Vatican and Oxford Libraries to Digitize MSS and Books for Posting Online

Great news: (hat tip) The Oxford University and Vatican libraries are to jointly digitise 1.5m pages of ancient texts and make them available free online. The libraries said the digitised collections will centre on three subject areas: Greek manuscripts, 15th-century printed books and Hebrew manuscripts and early printed books.

Haggadot from the National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel has posted some nice haggadot on their website.  Rabbi Jeremy Gordon has excerpted and translated some selections here that can be downloaded.

Gershon Scholem’s Library and the Cairo Geniza

The Times of Israel has an article about Gershom Scholem’s library and its importance. Although Gershom Scholem is most well-known as a Jewish cultural figure and the definitive scholar of Jewish mysticism and Kabbala, he was also the first head librarian of the nascent National Library’s Judaica collection, from shortly after his aliya in 1923 […]

MSS from the Library of Mantua

The Teresian Library in Mantua, Italy, has posted some Hebrew MSS online. (English, Italian)

Web Yeshiva Classes

Web Yeshiva, whose Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Chaim Brovender, is now offering free classes. Web Yeshiva is one of the most extensive site offering Jewish learning online. See the extensive list of offerings here.

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