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Shulamit Aloni and the Maror

In the Talmud (Pesaḥim 120a) there is a disagreement over the status today of both matzah and maror: Rava said: [The eating of] matza nowadays is a biblical obligation, whereas [that of] maror is rabbinic. Why is maror different? Because it is written, “They shall eat it [the Pesach-offering] with unleavened bread and bitter herbs” […]

Remembering the Exodus From Egypt

Below is a source sheet from a talk that I gave about the commandment to remember the exodus from Egypt. The sources that I spoke about show the disagreement that exists about how the exodus from Egypt is remembered, when it is to be remembered, and the Biblical sources for such an obligation. I decided […]

Video on Illustrated Haggadot

Watch this short video (Hebrew) on illustrated Haggadot. (HT to LJ on FB)

Israeli Rock Meets the Haggadah-Ehad Elohim

The Israeli rock group Eifoh ha-Yeled, Where’s the Kid? sings Ehad Elohim, “One is God.” The lyrics can be found here.

Everyone and His/Her Haggadah

Another nice Erev Pesaḥ program that was broadcast today on Israel Radio was כל אחד וההגדה שלו. The program featured a number of participants, among them Prof. Avigdor Shinan. It can be listened to here. If you can understand the Hebrew, it’s a nice program to listen to while preparing for the seder.

Passover in Less than Three Minutes

From a friend on Facebook. (Hebrew)

Maror: Lettuce or Horseradish

Rabbi David Golinkin has a post about the identity of maror, Romaine Lettuce or Horseradish: Will the Real Maror Please Stand Up? As Prof. Yehuda Feliks and many others have pointed out, there is no question that hazeret is Romaine lettuce (as opposed to iceberg lettuce). Rashi to Pesahim 39a calls it lituga which is […]

Haggadot from the National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel has posted some nice haggadot on their website.  Rabbi Jeremy Gordon has excerpted and translated some selections here that can be downloaded.

Soft Matzah is Making a Comeback

The following statement can be found in the Shulḥan Arukh, OH 446:4: מצא פת בפסח בביתו ואינו יודע אם הוא חמץ או מצה מותר אפילו באכילה דאזלינן בתר בתרא. If during Pesaḥ one finds in his house pat (bread) and doesn’t know if it is ḥametz or matzah, it is permitted even to eat, since […]

Pre-Shabbat Song-Karev Yom

One of my favorite Israeli radio programs is Sof Shavua Zugi that is broadcast on Galei Tzahal every Friday afternoon. The show features the husband and wife team of Yedidya Meir and Sivan Rahav Meir. They talk about current events, religion, culture, and just about anything else that is on their mind. The show is […]

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