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Israeli-Arab Sayed Kashua to Edit Ultra-Orthodox TV Drama

In what is sure to be an interesting mix, well-known Israeli-Arab writer and publicist Sayed Kashua will be joining the writing team as editor for the second season of Shtisel, an Israeli TV drama about an ultra-Orthodox family. I enjoyed the first season a lot and am looking forward to season two, although we’ll have […]

The Rise of the Nones

The most recent poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has been released. (here) Most reports have been emphasizing the rise of the “nones.” The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion continues to grow at a rapid pace. One-fifth of the U.S. public – and a third of […]

Jake Clemons’s Midrash on Bruce Springsteen

I just started read the extensive article in the New Yorker on Bruce Springsteen, and the following caught my eye. At each show, the most striking musical difference between the old E Street Band and the new was the increasing prominence given to Jake Clemons. His playing grew stronger, his willingness to take center stage […]

Footnote DVD Release

The DVD version of Footnote for North America is going to be released on July 24. According to the Netflix website, the DVD will be available for rental from there the same day.

Matzav ha-Umah: Season Finale “All of Israel is a Mass Grave”

The Israeli comedy show Matzav ha-Umah (The State of the Nation) had its season finale on Saturday night. Matzav ha-Umah is Israel’s version of Jon Stewart and Jay Leno combined, although a bit harsher than what is accepted in America. The final show came down hard on Kadimah, especially Tzipi Livni. There were also numerous […]

Another Rashi on the Movie Footnote

Makor Rishon has a very good article that gives some background to the movie Footnote. See here for another “Rashi” on Footnote. Article on Footnote, Makor Rishon Feb. 23, 2012 For those who can’t read the Hebrew, here is a choice quote from Menahem Kahana about the Department of Talmud at Hebrew University. It’s true, […]

Rashi on the Movie Footnote

At Yekum Tarbut (H), Adam Freidheim posted (H) a Rashi-like commentary on the movie Footnote. He addresses the characters of the movie, the real-life personalities behind these characters, and the schools of thought that influenced these personalities.

Oh no, Bezek trashes American Jews

Bezek, the largest telecommunications company in Israel, has a new commercial that pokes fun at American Jews. It really isn’t that funny, although I am sure that somebody will say that this reflects more Israeli trashing of diaspora Jews. The commercial depicts an American, the Israeli entertainer Gido Gov, who had left Israel for America.  Upon […]

Another Inteview with Joseph Cedar

Tablet has an interview with Joseph Cedar, the director of Footnote. I especially liked this paragraph, it oozes with things that many scholars of Talmud love to argue about. Maybe Cedar should participate in the next Book Club at the Talmud Blog? Why did you set Footnote in the Talmud department of Hebrew University? The […]

Halakhah for Halftime

As featured in Monday’s Makor Rishon. Halakhah Halftime Sources

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