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War on Torah Brings Missiles

Just in case you were wondering why missiles are being fired at Israel, the Lithuanian Haredi newspaper Yated Neeman’s front page has the answer: “War on Torah: War in the South.” From Walla.

Partnership Minyans in Israel

Last year in Haaretz Vered Kellner wrote an article about the difference between Partnership minyans in Israel and America. She claimed that the number of Partnership minyans in Israel seems to be increasing, while in America this doesn’t seem to be true. My question–and I have been bothered by this issue for some time–is why […]

More From the Religious Feminist Scene in Israel

I have written before about different trends in Israeli religious feminism, and for those who will be in Jerusalem tomorrow there will be a day of learning at Beit Morasha sponsored by the Facebook group Halakhic Feminists. It will be possible to watch the proceedings live on their Facebook page, and they intend upload the […]

Religious Feminism in Israel: Breaking Barriers or Breaking Fences

If you are interested in the current attitudes towards feminism within the national religious community in Israel, don’t miss this video from the recent Jerusalem Conference. (Hebrew)

Who is a Rabbanit

For many people the Hebrew word רבנית (“Rabbanit“) is equivalent to the Yiddish word rebbetzin, referring to the (male) rabbi’s wife. I wanted to present a few observations about how the word rabbanit has begun to take on a new meaning in modern Hebrew, that of a woman in a religious leadership role whose title […]

New Rabbinical School in Israel

The Midrasha of Oranim has begun the formation of a new Eretz Yisraeli rabbinical school that will be non-denominational and focused on community rabbis. בהצלחה. (HT)

Religious Newspapers and Freedom of Conscience

The Israeli website devoted to media-related issues, the Seventh Eye, has an interesting post (H) about a court case involving the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon. Makor Rishon is a newspaper whose main readership is the national-religious public, and its owner, Shlomo Ben-Tzvi, is a religiously observant person. Two years ago the Aguda, an Israeli organization […]

Discussion of New Book on Gush Emunim

Tomer Persico has posted the audio (Hebrew) of an evening dedicated to discussing a new book on Gush Emunim by Gideon Aran. Persico’s review of the book can be found here (English) and here (Hebrew), while one by Yair Sheleg is here (Hebrew).

Ultra-Orthodox Youth Who Leave That World

A number of years ago a study was published in Israel that claimed to have found little attrition from the ultra-Orthodox community, labeling the number of people who grew up ultra-Orthodox but no longer defined themselves as such to be statistically insignificant. Ynet has an article (Hebrew) that claims the number of ultra-Orthodox youth in […]

Videos of Israeli Religious Feminists with a Sense of Humor

Recently there was a evening sponsored by the Facebook group אני פמיניסטית דתיה וגם לי יש חוש הומור (“I am a Religious Feminist and I Also Have a Sense of Humor”), and you can read a number of media reports about the conference. This group has generated lots of discussion, both on Facebook and in […]

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