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In-Depth Radio Interview with Malka Puterkovsky

Below are videos from Youtube of an in-depth radio interview (Hebrew) with Malka Puterkovsky from Radio All for Peace. For previous posts on Malka Puterkovsky and her recently book, Mehalekhet be-Darka, see here, here and here.

Reviews of Mehalekhet Bedarkah

Below is a list of reviews or article about Malka Puterkovsky’s new book, מהלכת בדרכה, that I hope to keep updating as they are written. 1. Yael Levine in Kipa and INN (Hebrew): A critical review of Puterkovsky’s chapter on woman saying the mourner’s kaddish. Levine wrote: [An] in depth analysis uncovers cardinal problems throughout the […]

Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt z”l

Rabbi Ephraim Greenblatt z”l, a תלמיד מובהק of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and long-time rabbi and rosh yeshiva in Memphis, Tennessee, passed away in Jerusalem a few days ago. Matzav has an obit of Rabbi Greenblatt that includes both biographical and bibliographical information. Rabbi Greenblatt is probably most well-known for his multi-volume collection of responsa Rivevot […]

Video-Rabbi Benny Lau on Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

For those who want a very good introduction to the importance of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, this recent talk by Rabbi Benny Lau is worthwhile. It is in Hebrew and HT goes to Rav Tzair.

The Reception of Rabbi Yosef Messas in Europe

Musings of a Jewish Bookseller has a post about correspondence between the Moroccan Rabbi Yosef Messas and Rabbi Nathan Neta Leiter in Ukraine. Rabbi Messas is well-known for his innovative halakhic rulings.

A Halakhic Tribute to Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

Ethan Tucker has written a thoughtful tribute to Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef zt”l. R. Ovadiah–A Halakhic Tribute by Ethan Tucker

Ten Most Widely Read Online Responsa of 5773

Ynet has published a list (Hebrew) of the ten most read responsa that were published on their website. 1. Does a son have to sit shiva for a father who had an affair (בגד באמו)? 2. Does a homosexual still have to observe the prohibition of being along with a female. 3. My parents oppose […]

New Book-The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa

Just Published! The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa Special Introductory Offer until Passover The Status of Women in Jewish Law: Responsa, David Golinkin, Jerusalem: The Center for Women in Jewish Law at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, 2012, 413 pp.; hardcover, $25, special offer: $20 plus shipping Click here to order The […]

Spending Christmas with Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg

If you happen to be in Jerusalem on מוצאי חג המולד, this may be of interest.

Insulting the Prophet

With the latest interest in some quarters about insulting religious figures, here is a link to a post of mine from a few years ago about a Jew who wanted to learn from the Muslims and punish those who insulted cohanim (priests). Also, see the end of this post by Marc Shapiro about an article […]

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