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The Jews Own Manhattan

An eruv is one of the markers of a vibrant observant Jewish community, thus it is no surprise that there is an eruv around most of Manhattan. The Manhattan Eruv has an interesting history, and Adam Mintz has written a good overview of that history. The Manhattan Eruv has already been written up in the […]

More Books from Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef

Today’s Yediot Aharonot has an article about the literary legacy of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef. Apparently, another volume of Hazon Ovadiah-Hilkhot Shabbat will be published very soon. Also, another volume of his responsa Yabia Omer might also be coming out in the future. According to the article, there are 40,000 books in Rav Ovadiah’s library and […]

National Geographic Does Shabbat

Below is a funny video from the Israeli religious satirical group Underdos. Even without knowledge of Hebrew I think that you can still appreciate it. Just to emphasize how spot on they are in the video, the scenario that begins at 2:10 actually happened to us with a non-religious shaliaḥ from the Jewish Agency who […]

Rabbi Yisrael Rozen on Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth

In Musaf Shabbat of Makor Rishon Rabbi Yisrael Rozen of Machon Tzomet writes (Hebrew) about Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth the person and his halakhic legacy.

Author of Shemirat Shabbat Kehilkhatah Passed Away

Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth z”l, the author of the well-known book on the laws of Shabbat, Shemirat Shabbat Ke-Hilkhatah, has passed away in Jerusalem. His book has been one of the most influential halakhic works published in the past few decades and I am lucky enough to have all three editions, enabling me to see what […]

An Eruv Grows in Brooklyn

Rabbi Adam Mintz’s article from the latest issue of Ḥakirah, A Chapter in American Orthodoxy: The Eruvin in Brooklyn, is available online. HT: Prof. Lawrence Schiffman on Twitter.

YU Museum Exhibit on the Eruv

The Yeshiva University Museum at the Center for Jewish History will be running an exhibit through June 30, 2013, “It’s a Thin Line: The Eruv and Jewish Community in New York and Beyond.” Details can be found here. HT: Prof. Lawrence Schiffman’s Twitter feed.

The Origins of Shabbat Challah

This past Shabbat my wife asked “Since when have Jews called the bread that we eat on Shabbat ḥallah (חלה)?” I had no idea what was the answer, so during the past few days I did a little searching and this is what I came up with. Many people associate Shabbat ḥallah with the ḥallah […]

On the Hot Plate

One can spend much of his free time trying to learn the laws of warming up food on Shabbat, and I have no doubt that some people have done this. The company Kli Sheini has introduced a grill-like cover that they claim will remove many of the halakhic problems associated with heated up food on […]

New Responsa from the CJLS-June 2012

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Conservative Movement met this week. Most people are speaking about the responsum on same-sex marriage, but there were a number of other ones that were voted upon. I will update the links as they become available. “Rituals and Documents of Marriage and Divorce for Same-Sex Couples,” […]

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