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NY Times Gets it Wrong on Women and Jewish Prayer

A recent article in the NYT on prayer at the Kotel included the followed statement. Jewish law requires only men to pray daily, though many women have taken on the obligation voluntarily. This statement is simply incorrect. While there are disagreements about the extant and frequency of a woman’s obligation to pray, almost every Jewish […]

New Article: Women and Synagogue Ritual as a Case Study

Forthcoming in the Cardozo Law Review: (hat tip) Roberta Rosenthal Kwall, “The Cultural Analysis Paradigm: Women and Synagogue Ritual as a Case Study.” (here) Abstract: This Article develops an original cultural analysis paradigm with significant implications for understanding the relationship between law and culture. It also illustrates how this relationship should inform the normative application […]

The Strange Case of December 4th

As we are nearing an important bi-annual change in Jewish liturgy, it might be worthwhile to (re)read the following two articles: Arnold and Daniel Lasker, “The Strange Case of December 4,” in Conservative Judaism, Fall 1985 (Vol. 38 No. 1). (here); and “VeTen Tal U-Matar: What is So Holy about the 4th (or 5th or […]

Cursing the Christians?: A History of Birkat HaMinim

Ruth Langer’s book on Birkat HaMinim, Cursing the Christians?: A History of the Birkat HaMinim has just been published. From the preview on Google Books it looks like an informative read. For a discussion of this blessing in an earlier historical context, see Yaakov Teppler’s Birkat haMinim: Jews and Christians in Conflict in the Ancient […]

Time Off From Work to Pray

Religion Clause posted the following: AP reported Friday that Hertz, the rental car company, is firing 26 Somali Muslim employees at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport because they refuse to clock out for their daily prayer breaks. The Teamsters local union that represents the workers says that the company agreed during negotiations last year that the employees […]

Government Regulation of Synagogue Honors

Jewish Ideas Daily recently published an article by Jack Wertheimer, Pay to Pray? Wertheimer discusses the synagogue dues structure and how it is changing. A number of years ago a law was proposed in the Knesset that would regular synagogue honors. The law was called, הצעת חוק לקביעת תעריפים מירביים בבתי הכנסת (“Proposed Law to […]

Cantor-Synagogue Settle Dispute Over Non-Compete Clause

Cantor-Synagogue Settle Dispute Over Non-Compete Clause In Time For High Holidays: The Palm Beach Post reported yesterday that Jupiter, Florida’s Temple Beth Am and its former cantor, the Grammy-nominated Bruce Benson, have settled a lawsuit in which the Temple claimed that Benson was violating a non-compete clause in his contract. The Palm Beach Sun Sentinel […]

Making Orthodox Synagogues Meaningful

Jewish Ideas had an essay contest about “Making Orthodox Synagogues More Meaningful” and the results are here. While specifically about Orthodox synagogues, some of the suggestions are applicable to other denominations as well.

Lecture Series: Core Issues in Jewish Prayer

Core Issues in Jewish Prayer A Signature Lecture Series by Rabbi Elie Kaunfer and Joey Weisenberg Dates: Mondays, September 19-October 3, 7:30-9:00pm Location: Mechon Hadar, 190 Amsterdam Avenue (@69th Street) Price: $5 per session, $10 for whole series Can’t make it in person? Watch live on UStream. Session I: Meaning (September 19, 2011) Taught by […]

Innovative Synagogues

Recently, the NY Post had an article titled Too Cool for Shul. A man in a crisp black suit stands outside the plate-glass doors on Crosby Street, checking off the names of the chosen on a clipboard. Young women with tousled hair and fashionable heels slip inside, followed by men in sharp suits or dark […]

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