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Midreshet Lindenbaum Expands

Midreshet Lindenbaum recently dedicated what some claim to be the largest Beit Midrash in yeshiva dedicated to study by women. NRG reports (Hebrew) that in addition to the new Beit Midrash there are intentions that in two years they will have a program for women to learn dayyanut, a high-level of learning that would qualify […]

Interview with Ruth Calderon on the Talmud

There is an interview (Hebrew) on the website Kipa with MK Ruth Calderon. Here is one snippet. …Talmud is a project unlike any other. It is a sort of frozen product that you reheat anew. It is the frozen food of intellectuals, of people who love wisdom more than the bottom line. Talmud is not […]

What to Learn

A number of months ago I posted about an interesting devar Torah by Rabbi David Bigman about Becoming Your Own Posek. I was unable to locate the source that Rabbi Bigman quoted, but a kind reader contacted Rabbi Bigman and found out that the source was in קונטרס סדר תורת הלימוד, תורת ההוראה והמנהגים, which […]

Some Helpful Daf Yomi Resources

As the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi has already begun for some people, here are a few helpful resources. Rabbi Jeff Kuperman’s thorough list of Daf Yomi resources is always helpful. Rabbi Dov Linzer’s web site has posted a CSV file of the Daf Yomi calendar that can be imported into some calendars, e.g. a […]

New Book-Lithuanian Yeshivas of the Nineteenth Century

New from Littman, Shaul Stampfer’s Lithuanian Yeshivas of the Nineteenth Century: Creating a Tradition of Learning. A review of the Hebrew edition can be found here. ————— This is the first systematic study of the Lithuanian yeshivas that flourished from 1802 to 1914 in their social and cultural context; their legacy still dominates orthodox Jewish […]

Web Yeshiva Classes

Web Yeshiva, whose Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Chaim Brovender, is now offering free classes. Web Yeshiva is one of the most extensive site offering Jewish learning online. See the extensive list of offerings here.

Review: Plato and the Talmud

Alan Avery-Peck reviews Jacob Howland’s Plato and the Talmud. (here) Here is a description of the book: This innovative study sees the relationship between Athens and Jerusalem through the lens of the Platonic dialogues and the Talmud. Howland argues that these texts are animated by comparable conceptions of the proper roles of inquiry and reasoned […]

Tisha B’av in Israel-5771

Daat Rabim, the blog of Reshet Bataei ha-Midrash be-Yisrael, has posted a list (Hebrew) of study options for Tisha B’av. Some of these are taking place at numerous tent protest sites.

Hadran Alach Menachot

Tomorrow the Daf Yomi cycle begins Ḥullin, so I wanted to bring one source from Menaḥot that I enjoyed. The following is part of a larger discussion found on Menaḥot 99b. תניא ר׳ יוסי אומר אפילו סילק את הישנה שחרית וסידר את החדשה ערבית אין בכך כלום אלא מה אני מקיים לפני תמיד שלא ילין […]

The Ponivitz Yeshiva Fifty Years Ago

Some of you may have already seen this video. Apparently Rav Shach is the rabbi at the end of the clip.

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