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Divine Law in the Container Store

Ancient Jew Review has posted Beth Berkowitz’s comments from a recent SBL session on Christine Hayes’s What’s Divine about Divine Law?: Early Perspectives. From Divine Law in the Container Store. But the story that Hayes is telling is really more about the rabbis, who take a very interesting approach to the problem. Whereas Philo makes […]

Oqimta: Studies in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature

The inaugural issue of Oqimta is now available online. Oqimta is a digitized research journal devoted to all spheres and types of talmudic and rabbinical literature – in Jewish law and exegesis.

New Book: Socratic Torah

I want to congratulate my friend Jenny Labendz on the publication of her book Socratic Torah: Non-Jews in Rabbinic Intellectual Culture. The relationship of the rabbis of Late Antique Palestine to their non-Jewish neighbors, rulers, and interlocutors was complex and often fraught. Jenny R. Labendz investigates the rabbis’ self-perception and their self-fashioning within this non-Jewish social […]

Book Review of Demonic Desires: ‘Yetzer Hara’ and the Problem of Evil in Late Antiquity

From the THE BLOG OF THE CENTER FOR JEWISH LAW Review of Ishay Rosen-Zvi, Demonic Desires: ‘Yetzer Hara’ and the Problem of Evil in Late Antiquity. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011. 264 pages. $69.95 By Jason Rubenstein Ishay Rosen-Zvi’s Demonic Desires: ‘Yetzer Hara’ and the Problem of Evil in Late Antiquity is an […]

A Digital Mishnah

Hayyim Lapin has begun work on a “Digital Mishnah.” The website of the project is here.  Below is an example of what a page of such an edition might look like.

The Sages, vol. 2

The second volume of the English edition of Binyamin Lau’s The Sages is now available. I have all four volumes of the Hebrew edition and I highly recommend it. For some comments about the fourth volume of the Hebrew edition, see this (H) post by Rav Tzair.

Food and Identity in Rabbinic Judaism

One of this year’s new books on rabbinic Judaism is Jordan D. Rosenblum’s Food and Identity in Early Rabbinic Judaism. From the publisher’s website: Food often defines societies and even civilizations. Through particular commensality restrictions, groups form distinct identities: those with whom ‘we’ eat (‘us’) and those with whom ‘we’ cannot eat (‘them’). This identity […]

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