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New Website for Torah Study

Roni Tabick alerted me to a website that is trying to make the study of the Torah very accessible to people. AlHaTorah promotes the following goals: is a one-stop Tanakh study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Torah come alive in the home, classroom, and synagogue. Enter the site to explore […]

Barchi Nafshi and Massechet Tamid

A few days ago Daf Yomi finished Masechet Tamid, the shortest tractate in the Babylonian Talmud. There is Gemara to only three chapters of Tamid, so most of what is included in the Babylonian Talmud is just what is found in Mishnah Tamid. There are also substantial differences in the division of the tractate as […]

More on the Israeli Jewish Renaissance

Much has already been written about Yair Sheleg’s recent book on the Jewish Renaissance in Israel. This past shabbat’s Makor Rishon has another review (Hebrew) of the book. One of the points that the reviewer, Uri Heitner, wanted to stress was that the seeds of the Jewish Renaissance in Israel go back earlier than is […]

Where to find that Parashah Pamphlet

I previously pointed out where you can read a review of this past shabbat’s Alonei Parashat ha-Shavuah. To see most of the pamphlets themselves, look here and here.

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