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Ruth Ben David and R. Amram Blau

A few years go while looking for something in the stacks of the JTS Library z”l, I came across a fascinating book. I don’t remember why I took this book off the shelf, but it was a gem. The book the I had found was the transcribed autobiography of Ruth Ben-David, a convert to Judaism […]

The Israel Prize 2014

At yesterday’s Israel Prize ceremony many outstanding individuals were honored. Three of the honorees were Prof. Shamma Friedman, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, and Rabbinit Adina Bar Shalom. To learn about Prof. Friedman and his contribution to the study of Talmud, read this interview with Yitz Landes. See these articles about Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein by Yair Rosenberg and Elli Fischer. […]

Israeli-Arab Sayed Kashua to Edit Ultra-Orthodox TV Drama

In what is sure to be an interesting mix, well-known Israeli-Arab writer and publicist Sayed Kashua will be joining the writing team as editor for the second season of Shtisel, an Israeli TV drama about an ultra-Orthodox family. I enjoyed the first season a lot and am looking forward to season two, although we’ll have […]

Amnon Levy-The Haredim

Amnon Levy is an Israeli journalist, both print and TV, who has written numerous articles and a book on the ultra-Orthodox in Israel. Last night Israel Channel 10 broadcast the second part of a three-part documentary on the ultra-Orthodox community. I thought that it was fairly well done. It emphasized both the diversity with ultra-Orthodoxy […]

Hutzpedika Shmutzdikah Giyyoret

Here are some articles (Hebrew) from the new volume of Iyyunim bi-Tekumat Yisrael. (hat tip) -Kimmy Caplan, “‘Hutzpedika Shmutzdikah Giyyoret’: Ha-Parashah shel Nissuei Amram Blau ve-Rut ben-David” (here) -Nissim Leon, “Halakhah ve-Populism be-Yahadut ha-Mizrahit bat Zemaneinu” (here) -Michal Shaul, “Shikum ha-Hevrah ha-Haredit be-Yisrael be-Tzel ha-Shoah” (here)

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