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Who Wrote the Prayer for the State of Israel

Much has been written over the years trying to answer the question who wrote the prayer for the State of Israel. The two main figures in this bibliographic drama have been Rabbi Isaac Halevy Herzog and Shai Agnon. Did Herzog write it and Agnon edit it? Did Agnon write it? Yoel Rappel has researched this […]

International Bible Quiz Final-5776

These kids are incredible. יום העצמאות שמח

I Bought These Shoes for the Land of Israel

This morning the song writer Haim Hefer was interviewed on Israel Radio. Hefer was a member of the Palmaḥ and composed many of the songs associated with the “Generation of 1948/the Pamlaḥ.” Hefer also participated in Aliyah Bet, the illegal immigration of Jews to Palestine after the White Paper of 1939. One of Hefer’s responsibilities […]

The History of Yom ha-Zikaron and Yom ha-Atzmaut

Rafi Mann at his blog has two (Heb.) informative posts on the history of Yom ha-Zikaron and Yom ha-Atzmaut. (hat tip) Yom ha-Atzmaut Sameaḥ.

Amos Oz Remembers the Birth of Israel

In his book A Tale of Love and Darkness, Amos Oz wrote about his memories after the UN decision to partition Palestine. (pp. 357-8) Then there was dancing and weeping on Amos Street, in the whole of Kerem Avraham and in all the Jewish neighborhoods; flags appeared, and slogans written on strips of cloth, car […]

Yom ha-Atzmaut 5771-Recommended Reading

If anybody was looking for some good Israel-related reading, here are two books that I highly recommend. The first book is Allis and Ronald Radosh’s A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel . This book describes the incredible drama that preceded America’s recognition of the State of Israel. If there was […]

Yom ha-Atzmaut 5771-The Israel Prize

One part of the official celebrations of Yom ha-Atzmaut is the Israel Prize. The prize is the highest recognition of contribution to Israeli society and culture. It has often been a lightning rod for criticism-it is elitist, left-wing, etc. This year there is even a list of alternative Israel Prize winners published by Makor Rishon. […]

A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

I have previously written about new liturgies for Yom ha-Atzmaut, and I wanted to add one to the list. Beit Tefila Israeli is an important part of the Jewish Renaissance in Israel. Here is their vision: Beit Tefilah Israeli aspires to establish an active Jewish community which speaks to the breadth of the secular public […]

Chanting Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Ynet has an article (Hebrew) about a new custom from the Movement for Progressive Judaism (Reform) in Israel, chanting selections from Israel’s Declaration of Independence (English, Hebrew) on Yom ha-Atzmaut with cantillation. You can hear a few selections here. It’s too bad that the section of their web site about Yom ha-Atzmaut there doesn’t seem […]

Liturgical Responses to Yom ha-Atzmaut

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, Jews have been witnesses to the formative period of a liturgical response to this momentous event. This process is continuing to this very day, and may continue for years to come. The many different liturgical responses that have been composed are reflective of different religious, cultural, and […]

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