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Changes in Israeli Marriage

During the past few weeks much has happened in Israel in the area of marriage. Much of it started with an article by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed that called for a recognized brit zugiyut, literally a covenantal relationship, between people. While there are different interpretations of what type of relationship this would be and what would be its legal standing, for the sake of simplicity let’s say that it is a sort of state-recognized civil marriage. Tomer Persico sums up (here) other positive reactions by national-religious rabbis over the past few weeks, including Rabbi Benny Lau. Below is a video of a discussion between MKs Ruth Calderon (Yesh Atid) and Yoni Chetboun (Bayit Yehudi) from an Israeli morning news program about the issue. (Hebrew) Chetboun’s apocalyptic predictions about a brit zugiyut seem a bit less realistic given that after his appearance on TV more rabbis came out in favor of supporting some type of recognized relationship.

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    Elli Fischer:

    R. Melamed is opposed to calling it a “brit” in any way He calls it a “domestic partnership agreement ” (“heskem shutafut zugit”).
    Here it is in English:




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