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Clarence Clemons RIP

Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for the E Street Band, died today at the age of 69 of complications from a stroke. It is hard to describe the close relationship that Bruce and Clarence have had for the last forty years. Since they met on a stormy night in Asbury Park in the early 1970’s, they have been near each other’s side for a large part of that time. May he rest in peace.

The first video is Clarence describing how he met Bruce, the second is of Jungleland, a song that features Clarence’s most famous sax solo.



4 Responses to “Clarence Clemons RIP”

  1. 1

    Ehh. Springstein jumped the shark when he became a wholly owned subsidiary of the democrat party. Likeiwse, the notion of an elitist multi-millionaire posing as a “man of the people” while on a tour named after a charachter created by a discredited fabricationist (Tom Joad, John Steinbeck) is nauseating. “dancing in the dark” was pretty good, tho.
    Dont know anything about clarence, but he’s guilty by association.

  2. 2
    ben yaacov:

    @df Wow you are a real tribute to American Democracy…. uh no…I mean a real tribute to Hitler, Stalin and the one party state

  3. 3
    Menachem Mendel:

    @ben yaacov,

    No need to get carried away.


    I think that Bruce is well aware of the potential irony of the situation. He has sung, “It’s a sad funny ending, to find yourself pretending, a rich man in a poor man’s shirt.” (From the song Better Days.)

    As for being elitist, when asked about his the rich man/poor man connection, Bruce often says, “Have you ever seen Mark Twain’s house?” Rashi: While living in a fairly spacious home Twain wrote many of his classics and the size of the house and his wealth don’t take away from the power of his literary work about people who lived in very different circumstances.

  4. 4

    MM, I do actually agree with you. As one need not go to Alaska to know it’s cold, one need not be poor to know the plight of the poor. I agree with this. HOWEVER, I see these type of identity politics arguments from the left all the time. (eg, whites should not criticize blacks, men dont understand what it is to be a woman, and so forth.)It’s the same type of idiocy that led to the 26th amendment. Leftists like Springstein utter this type of nonsense all the time. Accordingly, I have no compunctions at tossing the same stuff back. It makes for an effective rebuttal, I think. Anyway, reasonable men can differ.




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