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Class-Action Suit on Gelatin

According to this article in Haaretz a mother and daughter are suing Strauss-Elite because for a number of years some of their products contained gelatin manufactured from the bones of animals which weren’t kosher.

According to the suit, prepared by attorneys Keren Tagar and Chaim Stanger, the plaintiffs are religious women whose beliefs forbid them from eating products that are not kosher under Jewish law or that are not approved as kosher by the Israeli rabbinate. The two women claim that during the years in question they purchased and consumed products that were marked as kosher under the supervision of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

The suit alleges that during the period in question, however, the aforementioned products contained gelatin produced from beef bones from animals that had not been certified as kosher, such that, Elite-Strauss and the Chief Rabbinate misled the public.

A Strauss Dairies spokesman told TheMarker that the company had not yet received the court papers, but would respond accordingly when their contents had been studied.

Gelatin manufactured from non-kosher animal bones was accepted by the Chief Rabbinate as kosher for many years and I wonder if this will begin “The Gelatin Wars”. See these two overviews of the kashrut of gelatin with the caveat that the Israeli Rabbinate is more lenient on the matter.

One Response to “Class-Action Suit on Gelatin”

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    Menachem Mendel:

    This lawsuit is very dubious halachically. I wonder if these people who are seemingly so frum asked a competent rabbinical authority before proceeding with this.
    andy | 08.31.06 – 7:28 pm | #

    It would be interesting to find out if they are bringing this lawsuit on their own initiative or if some group is pushing them to bring the lawsuit.
    Menachem Mendel | Homepage | 08.31.06 – 8:23 pm | #




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