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Conference on Torat ha-Melekh at Hebrew U. Cancelled [updated]

It seems as if the conference on Torat ha-Melekh that is suppose to take place at Hebrew University this evening has been cancelled [update: maybe not]. A friend was kind enough to send me the following message from the Department of Jewish Thought, a co-sponsor of the event.

מועצת החוג למחשבת ישראל התכנסה היום, יום א’ ×”-11.12.2011 , והחליטה לבטל את האירוע המתוכנן למחר על הספר “תורת המלך”. נימוקיה של המועצה היו: הענקת במה אוניברסיטאית, במיוחד עם נוכחות המחבר או נציגו, עלולה לתת גושפנקא לתוכן ×”×’×–×¢× ×™ של הספר ולחזק את השפעתו המסוכנת בחברה הישראלית
מתן במה מעין זו עלול גם לסייע בבוא הזמן לסנגוריו בבית הדין. אם האירוע יתקיים כמתוכנן בפורום כלשהו בניגוד להחלטת מועצת החוג, מוצהר בזאת שאין לו חסות של החוג למחשבת ישראל וכל חבר בחוג שישתתף בו עושה זאת כאדם פרטי ולא כחבר בחוג או כראש החוג. החוג מתנער מכל אחראיות מוסרית ומשפטית לאירוע.


The following flyer was being passed around Hebrew University today.  Thanks to Yitz Landes for sending it to me.


Is Calling for Murder a Legitimate Opinion?

“When we come upon a non-Jew who is transgressing one of the Seven Noahide Laws, we kill him from a place of caring about the Seven Noahide Laws, and there is no prohibition in this.”

“There is a rationalization for causing harm to children if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us. In a situation such as this the attack will be directed just at them, and not only in order to harm adults.”

From the book Torat ha-Melekh

This coming Monday, 12.12, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who supports the book Torat ha-Melekh that permits and encourages the killing of non-Jews, will come to speak on a panel at Beit Hill of Hebrew University.

“The is no place in reality for a non-Jew as he is..the prohibition to kill a non-Jew does not come from the value of his life, which are not legitimate in and of themselves.

-Is every opinion legitimate for public debate?
-Do we want to let opinions like this into our conversation?
-What type of university grants a forum to someone who publicly supports racism and calls for murder?
-What type of campus are we if we are quiet about this?

You are invited to come and protest with us, today, Monday, 12.12, 6:15 pm Beit Hillel

The Facebook page of Beit Hillel is reporting that the panel discussion is happening as planned and all of the planned participants are there, so maybe the Department of Jewish Thought was unsuccessful in getting it cancelled.

2 Responses to “Conference on Torat ha-Melekh at Hebrew U. Cancelled [updated]”

  1. 1
    Mar Gavriel:

    I wonder whether or not it happened. I couldn’t attend — I was spending all day angsting about my lost wallet (which was finally returned to me in the evening, by someone who had found it in the street).

  2. 2
    Menachem Mendel:

    Here (Hebrew) is an article about the evening.




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