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Conference on Torat ha-Melekh Cancelled

The conference at Haifa University on the book Torat ha-Melekh has been cancelled after protests from numerous quarters over the author being invited to speak. (hat tip)

4 Responses to “Conference on Torat ha-Melekh Cancelled”

  1. 1
    Common Man:

    See, this is why I hate the left wing – total, unmitigated hypocrites. They see they beleive in freedom of expression, except when it’s against their beliefs. They say they beleive in academic freedom, excpet when it contradicts their beliefs. They say they believe in tolerance, but cannot tolerate opposing views. They would welcome to the unviersity every sexual deviant or anti-semite, but would not do the same to a Jew with a different viewpoint. The hypocrisy of left wing liberals* is disgusting.

    (*I use the term in its common meaning, as akin to the political left. Liberalsim used to mean standing up for the poor or the weak or for the rights of fair but unpopular causes, like the right of the KKK to demonstrate. Today’s left-wingers have morphed into nothing but a hodge-podge of special interest race and gender groups, and have nothing at all to with classical liberalsim.)

  2. 2

    No hat tip from me. Rabbi Shapira has his halachic views and is entitled to them. If his halachic views are mistaken,of which I am not at all convinced-then they should be rebutted in a dignified manner through such forums.

  3. 3

    I despise Rav Shapira’s book and his views, but this is just a clear demonstration that academia only believes in protecting the free speech of extremists from only one side – including Sheikh Raad Saleh, and of course various anti-Zionist personae. Shame on Haifa U for not living up to its own principles.

  4. 4
    Joel Katz:

    Here’s an English update as well.

    Haifa Uni postpones conference with ‘Torat Hamelech’ author




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