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Contradicting Rashi at the WCJS

Musaf Shabbat has a number of very interesting articles (Hebrew) as usual. There are two about the Israeli-version of Half Shabbos and a third about the WCJS. This last article seems to be upset that in a keynote lecture, Judith Hauptman claimed that there are many examples of stories (מעשים) in the Talmud about Babylonian Amoraim who behaved more leniently than their own halakhic decisions. The author seemed to be very upset that Hauptman rejected Rashi’s harmonization of these potential contradictions. I guess that people have different limits when it comes to understanding a text.

2 Responses to “Contradicting Rashi at the WCJS”

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    I read the article in Musaf Shabbat and have not read Hauptman’s work on this study. That said, I am astounded that someone who teaches parshanut at the university level has no concept that commentaries, even those purporting to provide pshat have agendas. Rashi, of course, wound not want to see discordance between a din and a maaseh. I wonder what said professor does when he learns Talmud. Does he think that the Bavli is the pshat of the Mishnah. What if the Yerushalmi has a different pshat. Would he castigate Albeck? Leave one to wonder what kind of education you get in his department.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    I also found his comments a bit strange for an academic. It is one thing to say “I find Rashi’s explanation more convincing,” but it is another to come close to claiming that we shouldn’t contradict Rashi.




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