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Correcting Mistakes in Haftarah Reading

Today at minha the person reading the haftarah made a number of mistakes and some of those present were of the “lynch the person who makes a mistake in the haftarah” crowd. After regaining some strength after breaking the fast I decided to look into the question of correcting a mistake made in the reading of the haftarah. Lo and behold I could find no reference at all to the obligation to correct someone who makes a mistake while reading the haftarah. I could possibly understand if someone was reading from a haftarah which is written on parchment (something which warrants a thorough discussion in and of itself), but for reading from a printed haftarah? I may be overlooking some source, so if someone knows of a source which discusses this question I would appreciate a reference.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    As you no doubt found, the Yad Latorah doesn’t mention it (as far as I see). One problem is: who’s gonna do it? Everyone? With Torah, there’s a gabbai.
    DannyMo | 08.04.06 – 6:11 pm | #

    is there a difference between the person who reads a haftarah (not from klaf) and a shali’ah tzibbur in general?

    is there any implication of the fact that a katan may read most haftarot?

    hasidim often do not read the haftarah out loud altogether.
    Ari Kinsberg | Homepage | 08.06.06 – 2:32 am | #

    The chasam sofer and the sha’arei efraim justify the custom of the maftir reading the haftorah quietly while everyone else does the same by saying that this avoids embarassing someone who can’t read (well?).
    andy | 08.07.06 – 4:31 pm | #


    where is this in shaare efraim? i checked it quickly and i must have overlooked this statement.
    Ari Kinsberg | Homepage | 08.07.06 – 10:44 pm | #

    sha’ar 9 pischei she’arim 20.
    andy | 08.08.06 – 7:25 pm | #

    I have heard of (but not seen) a Chazon Ish that says “shomeya ke-oneh” only applies when the haftora is leyned from a klaf, and therefore merely listening to a haftora from a chumash is not enough. So ironically the chasidish minhag seems to follow the chazon ish ruling.
    Englander | 09.09.06 – 10:51 pm | #




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