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Firing a Pregnant Unmarried Teacher

Channel Two in Israel is reporting that a forty year-old unmarried teacher was fired from her teaching position in a religious school (unnamed) because she became pregnant through IVF. (hat tip) A while ago I posted about a court case in NY in which the firing from a Seventh-Day Adventist school of an unmarried teacher who became pregnant was upheld. The principal of the school in Israel was quoted as saying to the woman that

[The] way in which you conducted yourself stands in complete contradiction to moral values and its approach towards educating for family values…You being a single pregnant woman constitutes an ethical violation that from our perspective is a red line.

A comprehensive discussion of this question from a halakhic standpoint has been written by Devora Ross and published in Jewish Legal Writings by Women. An article influenced by her article and written by Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz can be found here. Rabbi David Golinkin wrote a more conservative responsum on the subject which can be found here.

For an interesting discussion of challenges facing the Jewish family see this article by Chaim I. Waxman. A discussion of infertility treatment in the Israeli context can be found in Susan Kahn’s Reproducing Jews: A Cultural Account of Assisted Conception in Israel.

5 Responses to “Firing a Pregnant Unmarried Teacher”

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    I mention several other sources here:

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    And see here.

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    I haven’t read the articles yet but I’m guessing that should be Conservative with a capital C.

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    wrong as usual, should have read them first

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    harry Perkal:

    One does no have to read that many articles on this topic-even if it is intersting to know that the Principle is an idiot. So a single 40 year old women wants to have a Jewish child through IVF.So what is the harm in that?.




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