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God Saved by the Gavel

Last year I posted about Nebraskan State Sen. Ernie Chambers who decided to try and make a point by suing God,

State Sen. Ernie Chambers is suing God. He said on Monday that it is to prove a point about frivolous lawsuits.

Chambers said senators periodically have offered bills prohibiting the filing of certain types of suits. He said his main objection is that the constitution requires that the doors to the courthouse be open to all.

Well it seems as if God got off this time, (emphasis mine)

A Douglas County District Court judge tossed out Ernie Chambers’ lawsuit against God on Tuesday .

The state senator says he may appeal the decision.

Judge Marlon Polk threw it out stating that Chambers can’t sue God if he can’t serve papers on him.

Chambers disagreed with the judge’s order, saying that since God knows everything God had notice of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed over a year ago. It sought a permanent injunction to prevent God from committing acts of violence such as tornadoes and earthquakes.

One of the goals of the lawsuit, according to Chambers, is to make the point that anyone can sue or be sued.

The state senator has 30 days to appeal the ruling.

What is a good lawsuit without some discussion of God’s omniscience. As I mentioned in my previous post, ome may be familiar with Elie Wiesel’s book The Trial of God. The play, although set in 1649, is, according to Wiesel, based upon a trial that occured in Auschwitz. See here for an account of Wiesel defending the historicity of the trial that occured in Auschwitz. An anthology of related material is Arguing with God: A Jewish Tradition.

2 Responses to “God Saved by the Gavel”

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    heh, that’s timely, we were just talking about the trial of God over Sukkot.

  2. 2
    Lion of Zion:

    there is also an account in yaffa eliach’s “hasidic tales of the holocaust” about a member of the US holocaust commission (?) that during a fact finding mission to poland tried to convene a bet din with god as the defendant (in the rema’s shul?)

    מועדים לשמחה




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