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Hannah Engle z"l

A close friend and former colleague of my wife, Hannah Engle z”l, was killed by a drunk driver early Sunday morning. I had met Hannah only once. This summer she had Shabbat dinner with our family while we were in Israel and she was studying there for the summer. My wife said that her death was not only a loss for her family a friends, but also for the Jewish people, having had the life of one of their promising future leaders end tragically at a young age. Her funeral will be held on Tuesday, January 24 at 9:30 a.m. at Plaza Jewish Community Chapel. ×™×”×™ זכרה ברוך.

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    Menachem Mendel:

    I am devastated to have learned just now of Hannah’s passing.

    I met Hannah only once, this past Fall in Toronto during the General Assembly at the Metro Convention Centre.

    When I first saw her, I was overwhelmed by her beauty and upon introducing myself and speaking with her, about her poise, sophistication and intelligence.

    I am so saddened by this senseless loss and ask myself, how can this happen.

    Hannah remains in my heart and I know that her sould will live on.

    David Globerman
    David Globerman | 05.22.06 – 11:24 pm | #

    I’ve written about Hannah on my blog, Oy Bay recently:…annah-engle-zl/
    Oyster | Homepage | 11.16.06 – 3:02 pm | #




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