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Iran’s Hebrew Speaking Reporters

In a recent post Reading Teḥumin in Teheran, I brought Thamar E. Gindin’s theory that those who are writing the Hebrew news items on Iran’s Hebrew language news site are native Arab speakers. More support for this theory can now be found in Shlomi Eldar’s article in Al-Monitor, which is an excellent source of commentary from Israel, on the Iranian Hebrew language news site.

The Hebrew site is translated by Hebrew-speaking Palestinians, most of whom do their work in the territories. Their “fingerprints” in the text can be discerned.

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    Abul Bannat:

    Since your last post I added IRIB to my favorites and read it regularly. It is fascinating to read their propoganda. Even though they seem to have a strong awareness of what is going on their analysis tends to be extremely simplistic – everything is black and white, good and bad, winning and losing. Thus, for example, in its report on Hagel’s confirmation:אישור-מינויו-של-הייגל,-כשלון-ישראל
    you see things like this:

    ומעתה הייגל חושב איך ילמד את אותם הגופים והחוגים שיעור בל ישכח לאור ההשפלה שעבר בגללם בסנאט .

    and this:

    אבל ישראל עצמה, כמו במערכת הבחירות לנשיאות, מצאה עצמה גם הפעם נטועה עמוק בצד המפסיד.




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