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Israel-Diaspora Relations for the 21st Century


Makor Rishon is reporting that the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has decided to sponsor a conference intended to help nurture the next generation of Diaspora leadership. The author of the article Ariel Kahana, writes that there was some opposition among certain government ministries, since the goals of the conference are a strengthening of Diaspora communities and leadership, something that some see as contradicting what they understand to be the Zionist ideal of all Jews moving to Israel.

The conference in question will take place in parallel to the next General Assembly, which will take place this coming November in Israel. Previous plans included increased financial support for activities in Diaspora communities, but budgetary constraints have shifted the focus to nurturing the next generation of Diaspora leaders.

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    Anne Heath:

    Hi – thanks for the links. By clicking on the author’s name I was able to get to his Twitter feed where I could click on the link to the actual edition from which you posted the article – and, then could download the PDF, etc. etc.!!

    I’m part of a cohort in the Greater Boston area which is participating in the Shalom Hartman iEngage Israel project – which is promoting a new relationship between Diaspora communities and Israel. I haven’t yet found out if/how Hartman is working with aspects of the programming outlined in this article.

    The iEngage Israel site it states: The goal of the iEngage Project is to respond to growing feelings of disenchantment and disinterest toward Israel among an ever-increasing number of Jews worldwide by creating a new narrative regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life.

    You can visit the home page and read the entire “about” if you’d like.

    I know of a colleague who participated in this through the Bergen County Board of Rabbis.

    Thanks again!!




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