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Israeli Supreme Court Decisions and Tweeting

Yesterday the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition against the appointment of Aryeh Deri as the Minister of Interior. Soon after the decision was handed down someone tweeted the following.

According to this reporter, the Arab-Israeli Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran quoted the medieval halakhic work the Sefer Kol Bo in his rejection of the petition about Deri’s appointment. I thought that was cool so I in turn retweeted it and my tweet was retweeted a number of times.

Well, I finally got to look over the Supreme Court decision itself and the original tweeter and I were both wrong, the quote from the Kol Bo was NOT from Justice Joubran, it was actually from the dissenting opinion of Justice Neal Hendel who supported the petition opposing Deri’s appointment. The quote from the Kol Bo was from a discussion about repentance and public figures that was included by Justice Hendel in his dissent (pp.47-53). Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchick also makes an appearance in Hendel’s dissent. (p. 49)


So the moral of the story, try and read the entire Israeli Supreme Court decision before you tweet about it. Should I delete my tweet? Maybe I will, but in the meantime it’s a good example for how even on Twitter (LOL) one shouldn’t rely upon what others say.

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    Reuven Chaim Klein:

    It could have been said by Joubran who is known to have studied Talmudic texts with students from the Chevron Yeshiva, see




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